The budget: $1.2 billion for counter-terrorism measures


An extra $1.2 billion will be spent strengthening anti-terrorism measures, including increasing intelligence capabilities and creating new laws to make it easier to stop Australians joining terrorist groups.

The government says: “Taken together, this funding is strengthening monitoring and disruption activities; increasing intelligence collection and analysis capabilities; enhancing border protection; and improving technical capabilities in our agencies.”

According to the 2015 budget, the government will invest $450 million in intelligence measures to protect Australia and Australians.

At least 100 Australians are fighting in Syria and Iraq and there are close to 160 Australians supporting terrorist organisations from Australia.

Another $296 million will be invested in new information technology capabilities for our intelligence agencies, to help them to collect and use information more effectively.

The telecommunications industry will get $131 million in assistance to upgrade its systems to implement the new metadata retention policy.

Law enforcement agencies use metadata to detect and prosecute serious crimes, including terrorism and crimes against children.

Another $22 million will be spent to combat extremist propaganda on the internet and social media.

Every day ISIL and its supporters create 100,000 pieces of online propaganda on one social media platform alone.

And $750 million will be used to extend and expand Australia’s military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.

Australian personnel in Iraq are playing a key role in countering violent extremism at its source.

Another $382 million will be provided to continue Australia involvement with the international coalition assisting Iraq.

Australia will provide 300 personnel to train and rebuild the Iraqi security forces as part of the Building Partner Capacity mission.

The Australian Border Force which is being established in July gets $50 million in the budget for further specialist training, including in advanced investigative techniques.

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