The Broncos Turned Down A Better Offer From The Jaguars Because Tebow Felt ‘More Wanted’ In New York

Tim Tebow Rex Ryan New York Jets

[credit provider=”Tony Manfred/Business Insider and AP Images”]

Most people assumed that Tim Tebow, if given a choice, would have preferred to be traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars as opposed to the New York Jets.But in a report on ESPN, Adam Shefter said Tebow was sent to the Jets despite a better offer from the Jaguars. And that decision was made in large part because New York was where Tebow wanted to play.

The Broncos traded Tebow for a fourth round pick, a sixth round pick, and $2.53 million. The Jaguars only offered a fourth round pick. However, that pick was higher in the round, and based on NFL Draft value charts, is worth more than the Jets fourth and sixth picks combined. The Jaguars also offered the Broncos more money ($3.0M).

Ultimately, despite his love for the city of Jacksonville, Tebow felt “more wanted” by the Jets coaching staff and front office. And Tebow chose the Jets because he decided that situation “suited him best.”