The Brits Are Using Twitter To organise Cash-For-Sex Parties

Brentwood Gazette twitter sex

The world’s oldest profession has been advertising itself on Twitter since the service was founded.

But a group of users in Essex, near London (the New Jersey of the U.K., basically) have taken it a step further, using Twitter to organise cash-for-sex parties.

The Brentwood Gazette staged an “undercover” investigation of the trend, in which the venue is promoted in a series of tweets with increasingly specific location details.

The venue in one case turned out to be The Holiday Inn in Brentwood:

Friday’s events began with a sold-out group session at 5.30pm at a cost of £80 per person, before a later gathering from 7.30pm costing £40.

(It’s not clear why the price drops later in the evening.)

The Twitter handle used to organise the party — which has an X-rated name — has since been deactivated.

The phenom was discovered by trainee Gazette reporter Matt Cannon, who attended one of the parties, according to HoldTheFrontPage:

And he managed to capture images of the group-sex party on his mobile phone, most of which were too graphic to use, after the secret camera he had planned to use stopped working.

You can read the reporter’s first-hand account of how he got the story here. This quote is priceless:

I didn’t know quite what to expect inside the room. I can safely say I’ve never seen anything like it. It was all very awkward.

We noticed this story on The Daily Dot.

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