The brilliant 'Texts from Malcolm' Instagram account has taken on a whole new life

The brilliant “textsfrommalcolm” Instagram account has been going for six months, but now its star is Australia’s PM, it’s time to step things up a notch.

For those new to the party, the account is a hat-tip to the “Texts from Hillary” blog started several years ago based on a photo of Hillary Clinton sitting on a plane wearing sunglasses and reading her smartphone.

Created by Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, it started with this:

Picture: Stacy Lambe/Adam Smith/Kevin Lamarque

And within a week, Clinton herself met the pair and submitted her own version:

Picture: Stacy Lambe/Adam Smith/Diana Walker

Six months ago, the Turnbull version arrived on Instagram using this popular picture by Stefan Postles at Getty Images of the then communications minister using his phone in Parliament:

Picture: Stefan Postles/Getty.

It became the set-up for this first “Texts from Hillary” clone:

Since then, it’s been a running jab at Turnbull’s fractious relationship with his party leader:

A cruel Joe Hockey theme:

And a few failed attempts by Christopher Pyne to get into Turnbull’s good books:

And now he’s Prime Minister, well… nothing’s changed:

But the jokes are still top shelf. You can catch them all here.

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