THE BRIEF: Twitter Takes Advice From Ex-Apple Marketer; Target Pits Finn Shops Against Each Other; Today’s Other Need-To-Know Advertising News

sexist target

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Twitter has received advice from Allison Johnson, the former VP-global marketing communications at Apple, and her new firm West Studios, on its imminent ad campaign.Hollywood Studio The Weinstein Co. is doing a $100 million media review.

Target has pitted Ruder Finn and Finn Partners against each other to win the company’s business. The agencies split from one to two shops last summer due to a family feud. 

M&M’s Super Bowl ad, produced by BBDO, is to premier the newest talking candy — Ms. Brown.

Atlantic Media Company promoted its digital chief, Scott Havens, to be their svp of finance and digital operations.

Focus on the Family continues to do Tim Tebow inspired religious ads during football games.

TDA Boulder’s creative director, Jonathan Schoenberg, has a YouTube video in which he smashes a student’s cell phone on the ground that has received five million hits.

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