The brand that makes $570 muddy jeans has an entire line of expensive dirty clothes

The internet erupted in outrage on Tuesday over a pair of $US425 muddy jeans for sale on Nordstrom’s website.

Mike Rowe, who hosts the TV show “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel, wrote a blog post calling out the pants.

“Finally — a pair of jeans that look like they have been worn by someone with a dirty job… made for people who don’t,” Rowe wrote.

It turns out, the jeans in question aren’t the only expensive dirty clothes that the brand PRPS sells.

Take a look at the rest of the line:

PRPS sells a muddy jacket to go along with its now-infamous pants. It costs $A570.


These $A570 pants have red paint stains down the front.


They are described as 'wearable abstract art' on Nordstrom's website.


This pair of $A535 jeans are bleached and covered with what appear to be oil stains.


These pants that are described as 'shredded, stitched and patched,' are being sold for a hefty $A575.


From the front, these $A347 pants may look a bit more neutral...


But from the back it looks like you've just sat on a bench that was covered with bleach.


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