The boy's pay club still rules in Australia

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The blokes are still the winners in Australia when it comes to pay.

The latest official numbers show the gender pay gap — the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly wages expressed as a percentage — is narrowing but still substantial.

Across every occupation and industry, men are still out-earning women by more than $26,000 on average, as this graphic shows:

Source: Workplace Gender Equality Agency

All industries have a gender pay gap in favour of men, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

The financial and insurance services industry has the highest total remuneration gap at 31.9%.

Rental, hiring and real estate services is close behind. The difference between the total remuneration (31.4%) and base salary (20.9%) suggests additional payments such as commissions are a factor.

The female-dominated industries of Health Care and Social Assistance and Education and Training each saw an increase in the gender pay gap in the past 12 months, as this table shows:

Source: Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Libby Lyons, the director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, says the overall gender pay gap is trending down.

“We have seen a step change in employer focus on gender equality,” she says.

“More employers than ever are prioritising gender pay equity as a business imperative. Over half of reporting organisations now have formal strategies and policies on remuneration. The proportion of these organisations with specific objectives on gender pay equity has doubled over the last three reporting periods.

“There has been a substantial increase in employers adopting targeted strategies to support gender equality in areas such as succession planning, retention and promotion.”

The latest report shows a 10.8 percentage point rise over the past year in the proportion of employers analysing their remuneration data for gender pay gaps.

“While I am pleased to report such great progress — and I commend these employers for their efforts –our gender equality indicators tell us there is much more to be done,” says Lyons.

Here are the gender pay gaps by occupation:

Source: Workplace Gender Equality Agency

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