The Boss Of The AFL Will Today Apologise To A Dwarf Who Was Set On Fire

Blake Johnston aka Mr Big. Picture:

AFL chief Andrew Demetriou will today contact entertainer Mr Big to apologise for laughing when told the dwarf was set on fire by St Kilda footballers during the club’s Mad Monday celebrations.

On Channel 7’s Talking Footy last night, Mr Demetriou was left unable to talk and slapping the table as panellist Luke Darcy told the story.

The Herald Sun first reported that entertainer Blake Johnston was left traumatised when a St Kilda player allegedly set him on fire.

“There was a lighter being passed around,” a colleague of Mr Jonhston’s told the Herald Sun.

“And because people were wearing costumes, including Blake, most of the outfits were flammable.”

Mr Johnston quickly extinguished the flames, then left, “shaken” by the incident.

Mr Demetriou first learned of the report on last night’s show, but claims his reaction was due to the fact he thought it was joke.

“My giggling wasn’t about the situation, it was more about this is just another thing that’s happened which I couldn’t have predicted,” he said.

Read more about the incident at the Herald Sun.

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