The Bizarre ATO Mining Tax Whiteboards Are Products Of A $30,000 Consultant Service

Today The Australian newspaper published this whiteboard, among a series that were the results of an ATO brainstorming session revealing frenzied attempts to get to grips with the Gillard Government’s mining tax.

Hoffman Donohue, the company that ran the session on the Mineral Resources Rent Tax is being paid $30,000 for an 8 month contract running between November 2012 and 30 June this year, documents obtained by Business Insider show.

The Australian Tax Office hired Hoffman Donohue to facilitate “a series of MRRT effectiveness workshops.”

The service was openly tendered. Hoffman Donohue director Julia Donohue declined to comment today.

The documents were released to South Australian Liberal MP Jamie Briggs under an FOI request.

Briggs told Business Insider he had “some sympathy with the ATO” because the tax had been so poorly designed that it required outside experts’ assistance to help officials understand it.

Asked about the use of consultants’ expertise in the public service, Briggs said: “Instinctively I think departments should be frugal,” but added sometimes hiring consultants was necessary when dealing with complex problems and the “farce” of the mining tax was one such instance.

“It’s so bad that the tax office couldn’t figure out how to implement it, leading to the seven slides that will come to typify this mining tax,” Briggs said.

title=”The complex charts appear to explore how ATO staff will deal with the Mining Tax.”
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