The biggest and most luxurious yachts from the 2016 Palm Beach International Boat Show

PBBS15 0063Palm Beach International Boat ShowThe 2016 Palm Beach International Boat Show

The 2016 Palm Beach International Boat show was host to some of the fastest, largest, and most lavishly-equipped yachts on the planet.

These boats also boast the latest and greatest technology in the industry.

Here’s a look at the largest yachts that made an appearance in Palm Beach, Florida during the show.

The largest yacht at the show, the 252-foot-long Silver Fast, is billed as the 'world's largest and fastest aluminium motor yacht with conventional propulsion.'

Silver Yachts

The interior mirrors the yacht's sleek design.


Okto (216 feet) comes with an onboard elevator and 'striking grey and black decks.' Another important feature? 'High heels can be worn on all exterior decks.'


'Okto' is praised for its quiet engine, which makes life on board ever more pleasant.


The 204-foot-long Positive Carry comes with a water slide.


The interior heavily features wood, and fits up to 12 guests.


The 247-foot-long Northern Star has an impressive gym and scuba-diving facilities...


...and is billed as the perfect yacht for the modern explorer.

Courtesy of Moran

The Sealyon (203 feet) is equipped with an outdoor cinema...


...while the bold interior features customisable lighting.

Courtesy of Y.CO

The Elandess (196 feet) has a multiple-story spiral staircase.

BNY Charters

It's also the product of the owner's very specific tastes.


Beyond the biggest yachts, there are more great boats to check out.

Palm Beach International Boat Show

One example? This hovercraft in a pool!

Palm Beach International Boat Show

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