The 75 Biggest Business Blunders Of 2010

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Apple. Google. Walmart. Boeing. The U.S. Treasury. These hallowed names are among the crème de la crème in business and the economy. Top of the heap. Cock of the walk. Best and brightest. The A List, you might say.

Unfortunately, from time to time esteemed organisations like these find themselves on an altogether different kind of list. The wrong kind. Here at BNET, we call it the B List.

This is where you’ll find the scoundrels and slackers, the frauds and failures, the ne’er-do-wells and nincompoops. Some landed here for nefarious reasons, others from incompetence, arrogance, or good old-fashioned cluelessness. But however they got here, all the members of BNET’s B List have one thing in common: They were guilty of the biggest, dumbest, most appalling, or just plain funniest blunders of the year.

Stop, thief! Um … on second thought, never mind.

I'd like to complain about the starving mob scavenging on the Lido Deck.

Knock, knock. Housekeeping...

The Hyatt Corporation is sued by a female guest after an incident in which she returns to her room at a Hyatt in Deerfield, Ill., to discover a male hotel employee wearing her panties, skirt, and heels. The employee, 32-year-old Oscar Garcia-Franco, first tells police he'd merely been cleaning the room, but later tearfully admits the incident and pleads guilty to a misdemeanour. The guest sues the chain on grounds including invasion of privacy and negligent infliction of emotional distress, alleging that the hotel manager initially ignored her complaint and took no action until she demanded that police be brought in.

Remind me: Is Cuervo above or below Fritos and M&Ms on that new food pyramid?

We Can … make our kids even fatter than the Brits!

The beer won't slow you down, but the bottle might.

Nice to meet you, Sneezy. I'm Obnoxious, and these are my friends Entitled and Juvenile.

In an article detailing the return of lavish excess to Wall Street just a year after the TARP bailouts, the New York Times reports that a Morgan Stanley trader had recently been fired for attempting to hire a dwarf to appear at a bachelor party in Miami. According to e-mail exchanges, the trader had been planning to handcuff the dwarf to the groom.

Another reason: It looked like a phone designed by Microsoft.

In June, Microsoft ends its first major attempt to develop its own handsets, discontinuing its line of Kin phones just six weeks after launch in the face of sales rumoured to be as low as 500 units. Analysts say the phone bombed because it lacked full smartphone functionality--instead being designed around access to social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter--but nonetheless required a pricey, top-of-the-line data plan.

Collapsible global financial system sold separately.

Now that's what you call a flashy hotel.

We'd prefer a gift basket, but that hostile note from your lawyers is thoughtful too.

Every last one of the horses, however, had its papers in order.

I'll have a burger, fries, and title to that 3-bedroom bungalow.

We'd have responded sooner, but we use our own network, so...

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