This Year's Box Office Is Doing Horribly -- And These 6 Movies Aren't Going To Help

the big year movie

We can think of a lot of colourful ways to tell you what the domestic box office did this weekend, but they all incldue the word “s—.”

Let’s just say it did horribly.

“Footloose” was a flop. “The Thing” was “eh.”

And “The Big Year,” fronted by the on-paper-formidable team of Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson, opened in eighth place, behind half a dozen films that have been in theatres for weeks.

It’s a pretty dismal situation — this weekend is one of several total bombs of the year’s second half — and the near future doesn’t look much better.

If you think you’ll save your money on these six films, you’re probably not alone. Studio execs, brace yourselves — and remember, there’s always next year.

We're not feeling too optimistic about these either.

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