The 10 Best Whiskeys Under $US30

Serious whiskey drinkers know that the best bottles can sometimes break the bank.
Whiskey isn’t just for those with extra cash, however.

Find the Best used a weighted average of five different sources — the Beverage Testing Institute, the International Wine and Spirits Competition, the L.A. Whiskey Society, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and Wine Enthusiast Magazine — to rank the best whiskeys on the market.

The best part? Each of these whiskeys costs less than $US30.

10. Johnny Drum Black Label ($20): This 86-proof bourbon has a woodsy taste with hints of vanilla and leather.

9. Johnny Drum Green Label ($15): This is a slightly spicy 80-proof bourbon.

8. Smooth Ambler Exceptional White Whisky ($28): This is an unaged whiskey that has a distinct cornmeal taste. Smooth Ambler mills all of their grain on-site and uses mountain-stream water in their spirits.

7. Pescadores Pumpkin Whisky ($25): Like other Taiwanese whiskeys, this flavored spirit is fruity and floral.

6. Sazerac Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey ($27): Aged for six years, this whiskey was used to make America’s first branded cocktail, “the Sazerac.”

5. Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey ($27): In contrast to the sweet bourbons on this list, this 90-proof rye whiskey has a spice to it.

4. Black Bottle Blended Scotch ($23): This single-malt scotch is known for having a smoky, peaty taste with a slight hint of fruit.

3. Elmer T. Lee Bourbon Whiskey ($30): Each bottle of this award-winning whiskey is distilled in its own individual barrel.

2. Town Branch Bourbon ($30): This golden amber bourbon is named after the body of water on which Lexington was founded and has a smooth woody taste.

1. Kingdom 12 Year Old Scotch ($30): This is an aged Scotch whose flavours have been toned down a bit in the blending process.

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