INSTANT MBA: If You Want Your Business To Grow, You Have To Travel

Muhtar Kent
Proudly made and sold in China.

Today’s advice comes from Dan T. Cathy’s interview with Muhtar Kent, CEO of The Coca-Cola Company via Youtube“People have to grow, businesses have to grow and countries have to grow —sustainably. And if you want to find a way to do that in a business—grow sustainably—you have to really understand what’s happening in the world not just by reading and by seeing only on a screen. You have to touch and breath and create relationships so you can actually double click, triple click and go deeper.”

Muhtar says it’s important to travel because making real life connections is crucial to creating and sustaining relationships and understanding how people work on a deeper level in life and in business.

If you take the time to experience other businesses, countries and ways of living by being there in person, the opportunity for deeper understanding and conversation will open up. Kent says it’s not the same when you watch or read something on a screen. 

“Have deeper discussions with people, all the stakeholders that touch your business in deeper parts of the world. It is an absolute must to see, to breath, to touch, to double click and also to be seen.”

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