Here Are The Bars Where San Francisco's Top Entrepreneurs And Founders Hang Out

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Going out for a beer after pushing a gigantic update is pretty much tradition for San Francisco startups.Luckily, San Francisco has more than enough bars — good ones, too — to satisfy the demand from some of the top startups in the area.

You’ll find some of the best in South of Market, a hotbed for startups like Twitter, and the Mission neighbourhood.

We asked a bunch of entrepreneurs, employees and founders what some of their favourite bars were and checked them out ourselves.

We start with 25 Lusk in the South of Market (SoMa) neighbourhood, just a few steps from the Caltrain San Francisco stop.

25 Lusk is a preferred spot for startups to throw parties. It's half underground, with two levels.

21st Amendment, a favourite beer bar, is nestled in deep SoMa. It has a lot of beer you won't find anywhere else.

The bar is huge, but it still fills up quick. 21st Amendment was one of the first hotspots for colour users — though that app didn't last too long.

Most of the beer is on tap (giving it a fuller taste, they'll say), but it's slightly more expensive than other bars. You'll find more mature startup employees or founders here.

There's a private area above the bar for parties. This spot is almost always occupied by a startup throwing a small shindig.

Plus, it's right across the street from the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.

Right next door is Nova, one of the best kept secrets of SoMa.

The drinks are cheap and well made — and the bar doesn't get quite as crowded as its neighbour 21st Amendment.

There's plenty of large seating areas — good for teams at startups (like the back-end reliability team) coming in after pushing a big update to celebrate.

More importantly, it's right up the street from the baseball field. And San Francisco Giants games are a tradition for startups in the SoMa neighbourhood.

Just up Brannan street toward the Mission is Zeke's Sports Bar. You can't miss it.

Any startup employee or founder that's interested in seeing a sports game will probably end up here. Especially if they're a Kentucky fan.

This pool table has pretty much always been converted into an actual table.

It's popular because it's literally right next door to South Park, arguably the breeding ground of Web 2.0.

This loop had unbelievably cheap rent before the neighbourhood took off, making it a hotspot for startups.

Head north of Market Street and you'll find Rickhouse, a big favourite of Google employees coming back up from Mountain View.

The drinks are a bit more on the expensive side, but they're well made and good for an employee or founder of a more mature startup. You'll come here if you're making at least $75,000 a year.

But, back to dive bars — Tempest is back south of Market street over by 5th street. It's nestled in a pretty gnarly neighbourhood.

This bar is a favourite or Twitter employees. It's close to the office (ish) and the drinks are really cheap.

Like, really, really cheap. Two-dollar Pabst Blue Ribbon beers! But the bar is also pretty gnarly itself.

Seriously, we aren't kidding. The plumbing doesn't even really work in the bathrooms.

The bar has a lot of charm, though. It's worth the trip, even if there's a drug deal happening outside.

Head further into the Tenderloin and you'll find Bourbon and Branch. It's owned by a former Netscape engineer, and it's one of the best Speakeasy bars in San Francisco.

You'll have to say a password to get into one of the seating areas. The drinks are, again, on the expensive side — but totally worth it.

The last stop on this trip is Zeitgeist, an outdoor bar in the upper Mission neighbourhood. With so many startups popping up in Mission, it's hard to miss this one.

Back inside, the drinks are cheap and pitchers of beer (which fill around four glasses) cost anywhere from $15 to $17. That's less than some startups charge for their own beer in their offices.

Careful if you try to take pictures, though. A lot of founders and engineers at high-profile startups frequent this bar when the weather is nicer in the city.

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