Here are the best universities in Australia, ranked

Photo: The University of Melbourne/ Facebook.

Last week the Center for World University Rankings, publisher of the largest academic ranking of global universities, released its list of the world’s top 1000 universities.

The States took out the top three spots in the order of Harvard University, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford rounded out the top 5.

Australia may not have got a look in the top 50 but three of our universities made it into the top 100.

The University of Melbourne ranked as Australia’s best tertiary institution, coming in at 89th position, followed by University of Sydney, six spots behind at number 95, and the University of Queensland just scrapped in at 99th.

Out of the entire 1000 universities ranked globally Australia had 27 universities listed.

Here they are in order of how they were ranked.

1. University of Melbourne: 89th
2. University of Sydney: 95th
3. University of Queensland: 99th
4. University of New South Wales: 117th
5. Monash University: 143th
6. Australian National University: 160th
7. University of Western Australia: 213th
8. University of Adelaide: 319th
9. Macquarie University: 448th
10. University of Wollongong: 455th
11. University of Newcastle: 472th
12. University of Tasmania: 512th
13. James Cook University: 538th
14. Curtin University: 544th
15. Deakin University: 564th
16. Griffith University: 573rd
17. Queensland University of Technology: 601th
18. La Trobe University: 624th
19. Flinders University: 632nd
20. Swinburne University of Technology: 670th
21. University of South Australia: 673rd
22. University of Technology, Sydney: 758th
23. Murdoch University: 835th
24. Western Sydney University: 848th
25. University of New England (Australia): 859th
26. RMIT University: 869th
27. Charles Darwin University: 902nd

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