Here's The Best Month To Buy Everything

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Sometimes, finding the best deals has more to do when when you shop than where.”There really is a best time to do just about anything and everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to buying things,” writes Mark Di Vincenzo in his book, “Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon”

Using tips from Di Vincenzo, along with time-tested advice from sources like DealNews and Mint, we’ve complied dozens of examples of the best times to buy just about everything. 

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Bike lanes stay pretty empty in January, making stores roll out the deals on their stock of Schwinns.

New models will start rolling in by the middle of next month.


Slapping on a fresh coat of paint is a task normally reserved for the summer.

Home improvement stores often offer discounts in the winter.


Since this isn't prime suit-shopping season, you're likely to get a good deal.

If you're looking for something a little less fancy, January's a great time to stock up on most types of clothing.

Take advantage of post-Christmas shopping deals.


People are most likely to get new carpeting before the holidays or during summer remodeling season.

That means January is one of the cheaper times to look for new shag for your floors.

Linens and bedding

Many department stores feature the little known 'white sale' in the winter, slashing prices on sheets and bedding.

They're preparing for the new threads coming to shelves in the spring.

A trip to New York City

After the New Year's Eve crowd heads back home and the confetti is cleared from Times Square, hotels and restaurants will be ready to give out deals to lure in customers during the tourism off-season.

Just remember to bring a jacket.


Showrooms get their new floor models in February and are looking to clear out the current stock of couches now.

You could save 10 to 50 per cent off the normal price.

Pools and hot tubs

The winter is the best time to purchase warm-weather luxuries, when prices are the lowest.

Plus, it's smart to give yourself several months to regrow the grass in your yard after it gets torn up during pool installation.


Broadway tickets

February is one of the slow months for the theatre world, since tourists don't typically flock to New York in the winter.

Catch the latest five-star show for a discounted fare.


This is the time new models typically hit stores.

That means its a great time to buy one of last year's models or take advantage of a President's Day markdown on a newer one.

Prom dresses

Most of the year's frilly frocks have made their way into store aisles by now.

And retailers are in prime competition to get you to buy your gown from them.


No one jumps on their bike during a February snowstorm.

But dealers will give you a good price on one if you stop into their showrooms before better weather rolls around.

Winter coat

No surprises here.

Winter's winding down and stores are ready to clear out their inventory before stocking up on lighter jackets for spring.

Video games

The majority of new games don't come out until the summer.

That makes the post-Christmas season a great time to grab a new copy of 'Call of Duty.'

March >>>


Now that Valentine's Day is over, it's easier to find your favourite scent for a steal.

Grab a flowery fragrance for your mum before Mother's Day gets closer.


The same post-Valentine's Day logic applies for sweets.

If your significant other forgot to grab you a box of your favourite chocolates last month, grab one for yourself now at a steep price cut.


Di Vincenz lumps March into the 'non-gift giving months' category, unless you plan to give your sweetie something sparkly on St. Patrick's Day.

Head to the mall to grab the best deals on a new necklace now.

Or take advantage of another non-gift giving time, like August or September.

A new furnace

Spring is the off-season for heating and cooling companies.

Call them to get your furnace replaced now before the season really starts to heat up.

Frozen foods

Didn't know March was National Frozen Foods Month? Neither did we.

But the campaign promises a host of deals and sweepstakes to promote the food in the freezer aisle.


Spring break is on the horizon and it's a good time to grab a new carry-on.

Dealnews recommends this month as the best to get a great price on suitcases.



There's not much rhyme or reason here.

But other than back-to-school deals that pop up later in the year, Gizmodo found April to be the cheapest time to update your laptop.

Vacuum cleaners

Happy, spring cleaning. Grab a deal on a Hoover to help tackle the tasks ahead.

New models come out in June, so retailers are ready to do some cleaning out at their stores as well.

Tropical vacation

If you're looking for a tropical trip, mid-April is the end of the tourist season for the Caribbean, so you can save a buck on getting there.

Plus, Di Vincenzo says this month is one of the best times for ocean visibility if you're planning to scuba dive to check out the area's marine life.

He also recommends April as a good time to visit the Galapagos Islands or Cancun.

A new roof

This is more about quality than savings.

Shingles are simply made for warmer weather due to the fact that they need heat to seal properly.

Save this chore for spring and summer.

Flea market items

Di Vincenzo recommends spring as the best time of year to take advantage of flea markets and thrift stores.

Many are just opening after the winter and are chock full of spring-cleaning wares.

He also advises to go at the end of the day -- sellers are more likely to give you a steep markdown so they don't have to haul their goods back home.


If you're looking for a good deal, wait to buy a new pair of skis until now, when the snow's begun to melt.

MAY >>>


Memorial Day mattress sales are not at all uncommon. They can be the best time to stock up on mattress and box spring.


The latest fridges arrive in the summer, making May a good time to catch a discounted model.

A visit to Alaska

The weather isn't too cold or rainy yet, and the crowds won't be the heaviest until the start of June.

Head up north to get your whale-watching fix now.

Office furniture

Some experts argue April is the best time to buy new chairs and desks for the office.

But others swear that you'll get the best deal if you wait until after tax season has passed.

JUNE >>>

Dishes and home decor

Wedding season is in the air, and you're likely to score a good price on items that often pop up on bridal shower lists.

Cell phones

Phone companies bank on parents buying cell phones at this time for their recent graduates who are heading off to college.

December's also a good time to buy one, as cell phones tend to be a hot holiday gift.

Barbecue supplies

Be sure to snag these early in the month or in late May, but you should be able to find markdowns on marinades and dressings as barbecue season heats up.

These supplies tend to last for at least a year, so don't be afraid to buy a lot while they're cheap.


Father's Day is on the horizon and home goods stores want you to buy your gift for dad from them.

There's no better time to buy a power tool than the present.


Get ready to sweat.

Look for discounts on this warm-weather essential during the summer months.


If you know which ones you'll need during your next college semester, don't wait to buy them.

Prices are lowest right after everyone sells them back.

A gym membership

New Year's resolutions are long gone.

Buying a new membership in June rather in January will help keep your wallet a little fatter as you work to get slim.

JULY >>>


Kayaks aren't space savers.

Sporting goods shops will discount their stock now so they don't get stuck with a ton of kayaks hogging their displays during the winter months.

Bottled water

Retailers often lower prices on bottled water when its the hottest.

Outdoor picnics and barbecues are common, and many people will buy a case of water before they head to the park.


It's a common theme for prices to drop the month before the latest furniture arrives.

August is when stores get their new models, so expect to see deals in July.

Ranges and stoves

Retailers like to put big price reductions on these around the holidays, including the Fourth of July.


Some experts argue that you can get a better deal in August, but deals on grills are already steep after Independence Day.

Fresh fruit

Obviously, fruit is at its best when it's in season ---- usually that means summertime.

Different varieties are best all year round, but July is the prime time for berries, melons, peaches, plums and watermelons.



Di Vincenzo cites August as the stock markets' traditionally worst performing month during the past few decades.

If you listen to 'buy low, sell high' proponents, now is the time to put your bets on the table.


No one is going to buy these in cooler months.

The best deals on children's play equipment usually pop up toward the end of summer.


The same theory applies.

Stores don't want shelves of sandals in the winter, so they'll give you a deal if you'll buy their stock now.


Back-to-school season tends to drive the prices on these essentials down instead of up.

If you wait much longer, you may not be able to find one.

iPods and mp3 players

If an electronics brand is going to put out a new mp3 model, they'll do it a few months ahead of the holiday season.

That makes August one of the cheapest months to buy the current music players.

Plants and flowers

The prices of flora and fauna start to fall around labour Day.

Be sure not to wait to get them in the ground.


Car lease

You're likely to find the best rates of the year in September, since it signals the start of the model year.

They'll start to climb as fall rolls on.


April is a cheap month to grab one of these, too.

But it's just as cheap before the snowiest part of the year starts, and the selection is likely to be better.

A visit to Virginia Beach

Watch out for news of hurricanes, but hotel prices drop in this tourist-lovers destination once summer fades away.


These are bound to be on the clearance rack by the time leaves start to change colour.

If you don't buy them now, you'll pay much more when you head on a winter or spring trip.


Grape growers are busiest around this time, meaning winemakers typically are getting ready to put out their best product.

You might find a markdown on your favourite Merlot.


These accessories see their biggest price spikes in the summer, but you're bound to need a pair all year round.

Shop now to grab some Raybans while the discounts last.

Patio furniture

Outdoor seating typically goes on sale after labour Day passes.

Other experts suggest May as a good time to find patio furniture, before Memorial Day arrives.


A trip to Hawaii or Beijing

The majority of tourists have left both of these locations by the middle of fall, and hotels will be likelier to give you a good deal.

Plus, the weather should still be pleasant enough to enjoy the outdoors.

Bushes, trees and bulbs

You should have no problem finding something to spruce up your yard this late in the year.

And if you plant bulbs now, you'll have one less thing to worry about in the spring.


Look for jeans sales well after the back-to-school season ends.

Once demand tapers, retailers discount their supplies.

Camping gear

Fall is a good time to restock on outdoor essentials, as people start to spend more time indoors than outside.

Thanksgiving is also a good time to purchase new tents and sleeping bags.



Back-to-school season is over and stores want to clear some of their sneaker stock out to clear space for boots.

Now's a good time to find your next pair of tennis shoes.


This seems to defy logic, with the holiday season on its way.

But retailers want to lure customers now with the hope they'll come back once Christmas shopping is in full swing.


Thanksgiving always involves time in the kitchen.

And cooking supply stores will give you a good price to buy your pots and pans from them.

Wedding dresses

Bridal shops buy more dresses ahead of the holiday season engagement frenzy.

But if you start looking around Thanksgiving, you can beat the rush and find a more affordable gown.


Most people are probably looking for a puppy for a pet than a pony.

But for those in the horse market, try to buy one once the summer season's over, when camps and tourist companies start to sell their extra steeds.


The hype that Best Buy gets for its Black Friday discounts isn't unjustified.

Stores often give TVs and electronics huge price slashes to lure in Christmas shoppers.



New TVs usually come out in early fall.

By December, retailers are ready to knock a few bucks off the price tag.

They hope you're looking for a big screen for prime viewing during the upcoming Super Bowl.

Apartment lease

People don't like to move when there's two feet of snow on the ground, driving prices on new leases down.

Celebrate Christmas in a new abode.


Welcome to winter boat show season.

Grab your next pontoon or speedboat now before summer sets in.

NFL tickets

A good chunk of the teams will have poor records by now.

And the drop in the demand could help you score cheap seats.


Here's something worthy of a nice toast.

Competition heats up for champagne producers ahead of New Year's, so it's easiest to find an affordable bottle now.

Golf clubs

Golf equipment is another thing to spring on during the off-season.

Clubs should cost far less than they do in the summer, and you'll have plenty of time to practice your swing before next year's season begins.

Air conditioners

Demand for cooling units go down when the thermometer starts to drop, making prices fall as well.

But some experts advise buying an air conditioner cover if you live in a cold climate to protect your AC from the winter weather.

Premium tickets to Europe

Business travellers usually take up the bulk of these airlines tickets on flights overseas.

But during the holiday, more of them are staying home, leaving cheaper seats for everyone else.

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