The Best Thing That Happened To Microsoft In The Last Twelve Months

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Photo: All Things D

The best thing that’s happened to Microsoft in the last twelve months has been Google’s complete and utter failure in the tablet market.If Android had been able to gain even the slightest bit of traction, it would have been really bad news for Microsoft.

As it is, Microsoft will be able to enter the tablet market (for real this time) with Windows 8, and it will only have to compete with Apple.

Fighting Apple is better for Microsoft than fighting Google. 

Apple makes its own hardware. Microsoft and Google are fighting to get their operating systems used by same hardware companies.

If Google hadn’t botched Android on the tablet, then Microsoft would have had harder time winning over hardware partners. If Android was a success, hardware companies like Samsung, HTC, HP, and Dell, would put less muscle behind a Windows tablet.

Even with all the patent fees hardware makers have to pay to use Android, it’s still significantly cheaper than a Windows licence.

Microsoft hasn’t said how much it will charge to licence Windows 8 on the tablet, but it has been trying to position the tablet as another PC. That would suggest it’s going to try to charge PC rates for tablets running Windows 8.

If Android was a success on tablets, Microsoft’s hardware partners would have more leverage in negotiations. And therefore, Microsoft would make less money on each tablet sold.

But that hasn’t happened, thus giving Microsoft a clear runway as it puts the finishing touches on Windows 8 for tablets.

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