PRESENTING: The 100 Tech People You Have To Follow On Twitter


Where would we be without it? You can hate on it if you want, but it’s a great place to shoot the breeze, pick bits of news, and look at photos. 

To help you get the most of Twitter, we put together a list of the 100 tech people you should be following to stay on top of the conversation of the day. 


Mike Isaac is a non-stop stream of, um, stuff.

Occupation: Senior Editor at All Things D

Handle: @mikeisaac

Why: He occasionally tweets tech news. He's often entertaining. And he's always favoriting tweets.

Horace Dediu has the best, most insightful tweets on what's happening in the mobile world

Occupation: Founder and Author, Asymco

Handle: @asymco

Why: A really good collection of links, charts, and 140-character analysis of the tech and mobile landscape.

Sammy the Walrus IV has smart commentary on the biggest company in tech

Occupation: Apple expert with engineering and finance background

Handle: @SammyWalrusIV

Why: He's a big time Business Insider commenter, and he always has good insights on Apple.

Eric Jackson has money riding on his tweets

Occupation: Runs his own hedge fund, Ironfire Capital

Handle: @ericjackson

Why: He's a blogger with a better day job -- managing his own fund, Ironfire Capital. He's a bit of a homer for Yahoo, which he's invested in. But, he's also pretty insightful on tech overall.

John Legere is the outspoken leader of T-Mobile

Occupation: CEO, T-Mobile

Handle: @john_legere

Why: The CEO of T-Mobile is unlike any other CEO on Twitter. He's willing to call out his rivals and talk a lot of smack.

Frank Shaw delivers the silver lining for Microsoft with a dagger

Occupation: Lead corporate communications, Microsoft

Handle: @fxshaw

Why: He's the head of PR for Microsoft, and he's really feisty on Twitter.

Jon Erlichman delivers good news scoops

Occupation: Senior West Coast Correspondent, Bloomberg Television

Handle: @JonErlichman

Why: Unlike a lot of reporters on Twitter who blast a tease of news plus a link to their story, Erlichman actually breaks news on Twitter for the sake of breaking news. He's a sneaky good follow.

Chris Dixon knows the tech scene inside and out

Occupation: VC at Andreessen Horowitz

Handle: @cdixon

Why: Dixon is one of the savviest people in the tech scene.

MG Siegler will tell you why you're wrong

Occupation: Partner at Google Ventures

Handle: @parislemon

Why: The influential, combative, blogger-turned-VC has an opinion on everything in tech.

Dan Frommer is tech's answer to Anthony Bourdain

Occupation: Founder, CityNotes

Handle: @fromedome

Why: He travels the world, takes great photos, and always has an interesting take on the day's tech news.

Mark Gurman is the best Apple reporter on the planet.

Occupation: Senior Editor, 9to5Mac

Handle: @markgurman

Why: Gurman is still in college, but he's the best Apple reporter on the planet. He's the best source if you want to know what's coming next from Apple.

Steve Case blasts out a great mix of tech news

Occupation: Co-Founder, AOL; Chairman, Case Foundation and Revolution

Handle: @SteveCase

Why: The co-founder of AOL tweets out a fabulously eclectic mix of tech news and nuggets of wisdom.

David Pogue is his usual goofy self on Twitter

Occupation: Tech Columnist, New York Times

Handle: @Pogue

Why: David Pogue is the gadget reviewer for the New York Times and on Twitter he lets his goofy persona shine through.

Paul Haddad is the mad scientist behind Tweetbot

Occupation: Leader of Tapbot, which makes Tweetbot

Handle: @tapbot_paul

Why: He's got a dry wit and knows more about app development than you.

Gabe Rivera has a dry sense of humour

Occupation: Founder, Techmeme

Handle: @gaberivera

Why: He runs Techmeme and he's a super funny guy.

Jason Hirschhorn is a great mix of funny, clever, and insightful

Occupation: Curator, MediaReDEF

Handle: @JasonHirschhorn

Why: He knows what's really happening in the digital media business.

Julia Boorstin tweets all sorts of fun little tech news nuggets

Occupation: Journalist for CNBC

Handle: @JBoorstin

Why: CNBC doesn't give her enough airtime, so we get a nice stream of nuggets on tech and digital media.

Ari Paparo is funny, and he knows ad tech

Occupation: SVP Media Products for Bazaarvoice

Handle: @aripap

Why: Ari Paparo is the man!

Kara Swisher is breaking news constantly

Occupation: Co-Executive Editor, AllThingsD

Handle: @karaswisher

Why: Want to know what's happening at Yahoo before Yahoo's board knows? Then you better follow Kara.

Seth Weintraub is the brains behind 9to5 Media

Occupation: Founder/boss of 9to5 Mac, 9to5 Google, and others

Handle: @llsethj

Why: He tweets about his Tesla. And sometimes Google and Apple.

Aaron Levie is the funniest man in tech on Twitter

Occupation: CEO Box

Handle: @levie

Why: Levie's shtick is getting a little tiresome, but it's still great. He tweets out funny tech messages, or bite sized inspiration quotes about running a business.

Jack Dorsey invented Twitter ...

Occupation: CEO of Square, cofounder of Twitter

Handle: @jack

Why: He's kind of a big deal.

Rupert Murdoch is more candid than you'd expect

Occupation: CEO, News Corp.

Handle: @rupertmurdoch

Why: It's refreshing to see Rupert sending out his own tweets.

Kontra does a good job of tweaking people

Occupation: Veteran design and management surgeon

Handle: @counternotions

Why: Good at stoking the big debates surrounding Apple and Google

Brooke Hammerling has a lot more control over your tech news than you realise

Occuaption: Founder, Brew PR

Handle: @brooke

Why: She's in charge of the fantastic Brew PR firm, and she knows more about the tech scene than 99.99% of the people on Twitter. Ignore her at your own peril.

Steven Levy always gets early access to the biggest stories

Occupation: Senior writer, Wired

Handle: @stevenlevy

Why: Levy is the guy that gets early access to all the biggest stories in tech. The reason? He can offered a well-written, fair story that everyone enjoys reading.

Chris Sacca is a big angel investor

Occupation: Venture Investor, Lowercase Capital

Handle: @sacca

Why: One of the most active and entertaining people on Twitter, he also happens to do a lot of investing in tech startups.

Hunter Walk is regularly retweeted by people on this list

Occupation: Venture Capitalist, Homebrew

Handle: @hunterwalk

Why: A former YouTube employee who just started his own firm, Walk has good insights on everything that's happening in tech.

Elon Musk wants to take you to outer space

Occupation: CEO, Tesla

Handle: @elonmusk

Why: He's another relatively unguarded CEO on Twitter.

Paul Graham is one of the most important people in tech

Occupation: Y Combinator main dude

Handle: @paulg

Why: Y Combinator, the startup incubator, is one of the biggest things in tech. If you want to see what it's thinking, follow Graham.

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook

Occupation: Chairman and CEO, Facebook

Handle: @finkd

Why: He almost never tweets, so he won't jam up your feed! But if he ever does, it's newsworthy. And besides, not that many people realise he's on Twitter.

Dan Primack is a scoopster

Occupation: Blogs about deals and deal-makers for FORTUNE

Handle: @danprimack

Why: When he's not breaking the news on Twitter, he's busy telling you what the news really means.

Sara Livingston is a smart tweeter on ad tech

Occupation: Ad techster

Handle: @saralivingston

Why: She's funny, she knows a lot about ad tech, and she's smart.

Andy Rubin only tweets news about Android

Occupation: Working on secret projects at Google

Handle: @Arubin

Why: He's not much of a tweeter, but when he does, it's news.

Jonathan Paczkowski tweets about Apple and other biggies in tech.

Occupation: Deputy Managing Editor, All Things D

Handle: @JohnPaczkowski

Why: He's got the inside scoop on Apple, and he's pretty funny on Twitter.

Ed Bott is one of the few Microsoft defenders in tech

Occupation: Technology journalist.

Handle: @edbott

Why: He's funny, and unlike most people in tech he likes and understands Microsoft.

Jenna Wortham is stylish and entertaining

Occupation: Tech reporter, New York Times

Handle: @jennydeluxe

Why: She knows the next story in tech that matters.

Reid Hoffman has a good twitter handle

Occupation: Partner, Greylock; Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, LinkedIn

Handle: @quixotic

Why: He has the golden touch.

Nick Bilton is trying to make it so you can use your Kindle during takeoff

Occupation: Columnist and Lead Writer, New York Times Bits Blog

Handle: @nickbilton

Why: He's a leading voice for one of the most important newspapers in the world. He's also on a quest to change the rules about operating gadgets during a plane's takeoff.

Richard Rosenblatt will apologise if he hasn't been tweeting much

Occupation: CEO, Demand Media

Handle: @demandrichard

Why: He's surprisingly entertaining.

Andrew Mason is working on stuff

Occupation: Advising startups

Handle: @andrewmason

Why: Former CEO of Groupon. He's now working with startups, and doing music.

Sean Parker is an interesting guy

Occupation: Former Facebook president, backs Spotify, Napster, Plaxo, Facebook Causes, Airtime

Handle: @sparker

Why: He's slowed down lately, but you know that when he wants to get something off his chest, there's a good chance he'll blast it on Twitter.

Peter Kafka is a good mix of tech, media, and sarcasm

Occupation: Tech writer, Former Silicon Alley Insider employee

Handle: @pkafka

Why: He does a good job of tweeting out an eclectic mix of the top tech stories of the day, as well as his own scoops.

Jon Fortt will keep you informed

Occupation: Tech reporter for CNBC

Handle: @jonfortt

Why: He's really good at tracking the big news in tech, and keeping you ready for what's coming.

Dennis Crowley is humanized through his Twitter feed

Occupation: Co-Founder, foursquare

Handle: @dens

Why: Another CEO who breaks the mould: You can really get a sense of who he is and what he's interested in.

Tristan Walker is ultra-positive

Occupation: Entrepreneur in residence at Andreessen Horowitz

Handle: @tristanwalker

Why: He knows what's happening in the tech industry, and unlike a lot of people, he comes across as happy to see others succeed.

Nick Denton is the smartest man in digital media

Occupation: Founder, Gawker Media

Handle: @nicknotned

Why: Epic smack talk. He'll cut you to pieces.

Om Malik gives you the high-level perspective

Occupation: Founder, GigaOM; Venture Partner, True Ventures

Handle: @om

Why: Om Malik is royalty in the tech blogging scene. He breaks his fair share of stories, but he also provide evenhanded analysis of the day's news.

Rafat Ali is still a reporter

Occupation: CEO and Founder, Skift; Founder, paidContent

Handle: @rafat

Why: A true inspiration to people in digital media.

Mike Honan

Occupation: Senior Writer at Wired

Handle: @mat

Why: A great tech writer with a great sense of humour. He's a good follow.

Robert Scoble is Robert Scoble

Occupation: Startup Liason Officer, Rackspace

Handle: @Scobleizer

Why: Can you even be on a social network without following the Sco-blazer?

Nitasha Tiku breaks lots of news

Occupation: Writer, Gawker

Handle: @nitashatiku

Why: She's writing for Gawker's Valleywag, so you might want to keep an eye on her. You never know when she's going to attack.

Keith Rabois is one of the most connected people in the Valley.

Occupation: Investor at Khosla Ventures.

Handle: @rabois

Why: He likes sports, he loves tech, he's smarter than you.

Eric Hippeau's opinion on digital media is more important than yours

Occupation: Venture Capitalist, Lerer Ventures

Handle: @erichippeau

Why: He is one of the most influential people in New York tech.

Alexia Tsotsis is a peak inside the mind of a different sort of tech writer

Occupation: Co-Editor, TechCrunch

Handle: @alexia

Why: It's a good balance between random tweets and tech tweets.

Tom Merritt does a live video podcast

Occupation: Host, video show

Handle: @acedtect

Why: He hosts a tech news show, sort of like Brian Williams, but for tech news. So, he's got his finger on the pulse of what's going on.

Patrick Keane is a refreshing change of pace

Occupation: President of Sharethrough

Handle: @phkeane

Why: He rarely, if ever, tweets about tech. But who cares? He's funny, and he loves Philly sports teams.

Ben Horowitz loves rap (and startups)

Occupation: Co-Founder, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Handle: @bhorowitz

Why: He runs the most important VC firm in the Valley and he tweets stuff like, 'Juelz Santana is 3 times dope in general. Mad flow.'

Street Insider is the best for earnings news

Occupation: Business news site

Handle: @street_insider

Why: Street Insider isn't 100% focused on tech. But, when major tech companies report earnings, Street Insider tweets out all the details very quickly. It's a good way to see the earnings numbers as they hit.

Mark Suster understands the big themes in tech

Occupation: Partner, GRP Partners

Handle: @msuster

Why: One the most interesting and opinionated investors in the tech world.

Michael Yavonditte is a startup CEO who is on top of the news

Occupation: CEO, YieldMo

Handle: @mikeyavo

Why: It's great to get some perspective on the latest tech fad. As someone who has successfully built and sold companies, Yavonditte provides that.

Jessica Lessin is launching a tech site, so she's going to have some news for you

Occupation: Launching a new tech news site

Handle: @jessicalessin

Why: Formerly a WSJ reporter, Lessin is doing her own news site. As a result, she should be tweeting out all her scoops and exclusives.

Fred Wilson is one of the most influential people in tech

Occupation: Venture Capitalist

Handle: @fredwilson

Why: He's not much of a tweeter, truth be told, but he does link to his site and he does occasionally say some interesting stuff. The real reason to follow him is that he's one of the most important people in the tech business, and you don't want to miss anything he says.

Philip Schiller will tweet about cars, and occasionally rivals

Occupation: Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, Apple Inc.

Handle: @pschiller

Why: Apple is an unbelievably closed up company. The fact that one of its top execs occasionally tweets and gives you a glimpse into his personality makes Schiller worth following.

Dina Bass is an excellent Microsoft reporter

Occupation: Microsoft reporter at Bloomberg

Handle: @dinabass

Why: She tweets nuggets about Microsoft, and stuff about British sports.

Farhad Manjoo tweets a great collection of links

Occupation: Writer, Slate, Fast Company

Handle: fmanjoo

Why: Manjoo follows technology and tweets out great thoughts and links.

John Doerr is one of the most important VCs in the world

Occupation: Venture Capitalist, Kleiner Perkins Caufield @ Byers

Handle: @johndoerr

Why: When one of the most important VCs in the world is blasting out what he's thinking or reading, you pay attention.

Walter Piecyk is an excellent, underrated analyst

Occupation: Investor; Blogger, Sinocism

Handle: @WaltBTIG

Why: He was the first to turn bearish on Apple, which was right, and now he's bullish ... which may be right. We'll see.

Danny Sullivan knows the ins and outs of Google better than anyone

Occupation: Editor,

Handle: @dannysullivan

Why: He forgets more about search than you will ever know in your lifetime.

Evelyn Rusli is the ace tech deals reporter for the NYT

Occupation: Reporter, New York Times DealBook

Handle: @EvelynRusli

Why: Get the inside scoop on who is buying who.

Atul Arora tweets out the best of the best links

Occupation: Software Developer; Product Manager

Handle: @atul

Why: He's the original tech tweeter/aggregator.

Rene Ritchie is a solid Apple reporter

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief, iMore; Executive Producer, MobileNations

Handle: @reneritchie

Why: You want to know what Apple's planning before Tim Cook even knows? Then this is your guy.

David Tisch knows what's happening with early stage startups

Occupation: Investor

Handle: @davetisch

Why: He talks about startups.

Benedict Evans is another smart person with insights on Twitter

Occupation: Analyst

Handle: @BenedictEvans

Why: Unlike a lot of tech tweeters, he's not endlessly flogging his own startup, or something dreary like that. Just good insight.

Brad Feld has the inside scoop on Boulder

Occupation: Managing Director, Foundry Group

Handle: @bfeld

Why: He knows a lot about what's happening in the startup scene.

David Lee is a big time angel investor

Occupation: SV Angel

Handle: @davidlee

Why: He basically runs SV Angel, which is the most prolific early stage investment firm.

Ben Lerer is another person to give you the tech lols

Occupation: Co-Founder of Thrillist, and Lerer Ventures

Handle: @BenjLerer

Why: He's a funny dude.

Joanna Stern knows what's up

Occupation: Tech reporter for ABC

Handle: @joannastern

Why: Just a solid mix of tech tweets.

Josh Topolsky has a stream of good tech news

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief, The Verge

Handle: @joshuatopolsky

Why: He's almost only tweeting Verge links, but that's OK because The Verge has lots of good stuff. He's almost like a best of the Verge twitter feed.

Joanne Wilson invests in startups

Occupation: Investor; Blogger, Gotham Gal

Handle: @thegothamgal

Why: She's another angel investor.

Nilay Patel is smarter than you

Occupation: Managing Editor at The Verge

Handle: @reckless

Why: Sharp insights on tech delivered in 140-character bursts. What more do you need?

Max Levchin is a PayPal mafia member

Occupation: Founder, Glow

Handle: @mlevchin

Why: Serial entrepreneur who knows everyone in the Valley and is always cooking up something interesting.

Mahendra Palsule is another great aggregator

Occupation: Editor, Techmeme

Handle: @ScepticGeek

Why: A good collection of tech news tweets as well as some interesting insight on technology.

Emily Chang is the best person on TV to talk tech

Occupation: Host, Bloomberg West

Handle: @emilychangtv

Why: She hosts the fabulous Bloomberg West. She also sends out great first hand reports on Twitter.

Arianna Huffington is great

Occupation: President and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group

Handle: @ariannahuff

Why: She's the queen of all media.

Vinicius Vacanti understands the daily deals business better than anyone

Occupation: Co-Founder and CEO, Yipit

Handle: @vacanti

Why: He's not just running his own startup, he's also intelligently analysing other startups.

Philip Berne works for Samsung and actually talks to you

Occupation: Samsung PR

Handle: @philipberne

Why: Former Slashgear writer turned Samsung PR. Often engages with the press on Twitter. Not afraid to talk plainly and smack talk the press. All around nice guy.

Shakil Khan was as important to Spotify as its CEO

Occupation: He's in charge of special projects at Path, previously at Path

Handle: @shak

Why: He's one of the most loved people in tech.

DHH will stir it up

Occupation: Creator Ruby on Rails, partner at 37Signals

Handle: @DHH

Why: He's a troll. And we mean it in the nicest way possible.

Dave Winer is a tech historian

Occupation: Developed first blogging software, RSS and podcasting, outliners, web CMS. Media hacker. Boot strapper. Writer. Academic. Friendly.

Handle: @davewiner

Why: Pay attention and you could actually learn something.

John Borthwick is a big deal

Occupation: CEO, Betaworks

Handle: @Borthwick

Why: As CEO of Betaworks, he's one of the most important people in NYC tech.

Charles Arthur is smart

Occupation: Technology writer, The Guardian

Handle: @charlesarthur

Why: One the smarter tech writers on Twitter.

Marco Arment is surprisingly influential

Occupation: Founder, Instapaper

Handle: @marcoarment

Why: He hates us, but that's OK. He's still worth following on Twitter.

Jonathan Glick will put you in the conversation

Occupation: CEO, Sulia

Handle: @jonathanglick

Why: He's a plugged-in insider who shares witty insights into the world of startups. Follow him, and he'll drag you into the conversation.

Jim Dalrymple is another great Apple source

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief, LoopInsight

Handle: @jdalrymple

Why: He has inside connections at the most important tech company of the last 10 years.

Marissa Mayer is the golden girl-geek of the Valley

Occupation: CEO Yahoo

Handle: @marissamayer

Why: She's a light tweeter, but it's always news when she tweets.

Jeff Weiner runs LinkedIn

Occupation: CEO of LinkedIn

Handle: @jeffweiner

Why: A former top Yahoo exec, Weiner knows everyone in the Valley--and tweets with them. Add to that the insights he gets from running LinkedIn, tech's water cooler--like who's hiring where--and he's a must-follow.

Anil Dash is one of the more thoughtful people on Twitter

Occupation: Co-Founder and Managing Director, Activate; Co-Founder, ThinkUp; Publisher, Editor, and Owner,

Handle: @anildash

Why: He understands the startup scene and drives conversation.

Bill Gurley is one of the more interesting people in the tech business

Occupation: VC at Benchmark Capital

Handle: @billgurley

Why: A brilliant tech investor.

Ben Bajarin is another good Apple tweeter

Occupation: Principal Industry Analyst, Consumer Technology and Market Trends at Creative Strategies, Inc.

Handle: @benbajarin

Why: He's a bit too kind to Apple, but he has smart takes on technology and tweets good links.

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