The Best Story You Will Ever Read About Your Sick, Sad Addiction To Sucking At Golf

larry david

TV comedy genius Larry David says he’s gone through the five stages of grieving when it comes to golf: Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression and finally, Acceptance.

But has he really?

His New Yorker story begins…

On the par-3, 175-yard fourteenth hole at Riviera, I hit my tee shot a mere 90 yards and a physics-defying 30 degrees to the right—almost sideways. It’s a miracle I got my right leg out of the way, or I could have shattered it with the club. As I walked to the ball, I remarked to my friend that after seventeen years of playing this course I’d never seen someone hit a ball anywhere near where mine ended up. He had never seen it, either. “What’s more,” I said, “I couldn’t care less.” My friend was taken aback. But I meant it. I didn’t care, and I didn’t particularly care about the next shot, either. I felt liberated, not unlike the way I felt when my wife left me, except this time I didn’t take up skipping.

Read the rest at the New Yorker >>

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