It's Time To Start Tracking The Right Facebook Metrics

Facebook is about reach and spurring users to share your stuff. The rest is noise. Marketers are finally starting to appreciate this, and they’re changing how they evaluate their Facebook performance. They are beginning to focus on activity, engagement, and reach. The importance of evaluating one’s own brand against competitors is also becoming critical.

The definition of competitors is changing. With consumer attention drawn in so many directions, competitors are not limited to those who make a similar product, or offer a similar service. A competitor is any brand that is competing for consumer attention, on any medium.

In a new report from Business Insider Intelligence, we introduce a package of easy-to-compile social media metrics that analyse activity, impact, and competitive context. Many of these metrics can be calculated from numbers available on Facebook’s free Insights dashboard for page managers. Activity metrics measure what the social media manager is doing. Impact indicators measure results. Competition indicators put all indicators in context by comparing them to numbers attained by other brands vying for attention.

Here are the metrics marketers should focus on:

In full, the report:

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