The Best Science GIFs Of 2013

From dancing clouds to bouncing Jell-O, 2013 was filled with great science GIFs. Here are some of our favourites.

Researchers created “ball lightning” in the lab. Read more »

Beige tbi

Jell-O falls, flattens, then bounces back. Read more »

A cube of magnetic putty swallowed a smaller cube of metal. Read more »

Liquid nitrogen instantly boils and turns into gas when spilled. Read more »

Sunlight reflecting off ice crystals made these clouds “dance.” Read more »

We learned how to turn water into ice in seconds. Read more »

Scientists made an incredible water-proof surface. Read more »

NASA released the first full map of the planet Mercury. Read more »

Comet ISON rounded the sun on Thanksgiving day. Read more »

The Discovery Channel caught a pair of giraffes in a heated battle. Read more »

Here’s how keys work. Read more »

A camouflaged octopus surprised a photographer. Read more »

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