Here Are The Stylish RSS Readers You Should Be Using

Pulse Reader for iPadSleek and stylish.


Who says RSS is dead?With apps for smartphones and add-ons for browsers, RSS readers have transformed from lists of drab links to eye candy that displays information relevant to you.

Many even let you share your favourite stories over Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks from within the app.

And they still perform the function they were originally meant to: a one-stop for finding all the news you want in one place.

With all this innovation, it will be a long time before RSS becomes extinct.

We put together some of the most useful and stylish RSS readers for a variety of platforms.

Reeder will make your RSS feed look like a newspaper

Reeder is one of the most well-designed RSS readers we've seen on the iPad. You can import your feeds from sources like Google Reader. Articles appear on an off-white background, reminiscent of a newspaper. There's also a built-in browser so you can read the full story if your feed only shows snippets. We use Reeder on our iPad and love it. It costs $4.99 in the App Store, but the excellent design is worth it.

Google Reader will let you quickly create an awesome RSS list

Google Reader makes it easy to find the RSS feeds you want to follow. Just type in a publication, and it does the work for you. You can also add stories to your favourites and share with people in your Gmail contacts list.

Feedly is an attractive add-on for Firefox

Feedly is one of the most popular add-ons for Firefox. It organizes your RSS feeds by category and includes a nice, desktop-friendly layout.

Pulse for iPad is very pretty

We really like Pulse. It displays all your RSS feeds in ribbons of photos pulled directly from each story. Tap the photo for the story you want to read, and it will pop up in a separate window. Very snazzy. You can get Pulse for free in the App Store.

Good Noows turns Chrome into a newsstand

Good Noows is one of the best-reviewed apps in Chrome's new web store. It's a free download that comes preloaded with several news sources. It also lets you integrate your current feeds from Google Reader and share stories on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Our Pick: Google Reader

We love Google Reader. Everything is stored within your Google Account so you can access your news from any computer or smartphone. Plus many of the resources we listed here allow you to import your Google Reader settings. If you don't like Google's interface, you can use one you like.

Bonus! It's not technically a RSS reader, but Instapaper will change the way you read news online

Instapaper is an awesome tool that lets you save articles you find online for later. By adding a simple bookmark to your browser's toolbar, you can save the article in a simple, paper-like format and read it offline on your phone, Kindle, iPad, or computer.

Stop reading and get some work done...

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