The Best Responses To Geoffrey Barker's Outrageously Sexist Column On Female TV Reporters

If you haven’t seen it yet – wow.

The Age published this column by Geoffrey Barker today about female television journalists, which he termed “post-pubescent babes” who “pour out of undistinguished universities with mickey-mouse diplomas in media studies”.


It goes on – and on. Two other brief highlights:

“They are fodder for TV newsrooms looking for eye-candy rather than durable journalistic talent that costs money.”

“The curling wand and the make-up box trump the notebook and pencil every time.”

Many are asking how it was published in the first place. But accomplished TV journalism professionals have been responding today with the bemused contempt that the piece deserves.

Here are some of the best – some are links to full-length responses, worth clicking through.

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