The Best Quotes And Images From ESPN's Acclaimed Documentary On Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson

Photo: ESPN

ESPN debuted its latest instalment of the “30 fo 30” documentary series with “You Don’t Know Bo,” a film about Bo Jackson.From his days in high school, to turning down both the Yankees and Buccaneers and the quick end to his incredible pro careers, the film touches on many aspects of one of the more legendary and mysterious athletes of the last 50 years.

On the next few pages we’ll take a look at some of the more telling quotes and images from the documentary.

Many of Bo's feats are legendary

But things didn't start off so well for the kid with a stuttering problem

Amazingly, football and baseball were not his favourite sports

Before turning down the NFL, Bo turned down the Yankees

Bo was intent on going to college

Bo worshiped Alabama and coach Bear Bryant, but he was disappointed with their recruitment

That opened the door for Auburn

Odd to see Bo wearing no. 29 early in his college baseball career

Despite being great at many things, Bo was not a big fan of practice

His defining moment in college came his freshman year when he helped beat Alabama in the final minute

Obviously more common back in the 80s, but it is still jarring to see a confederate flag being flown at a football game

Bo was ruled ineligible to play baseball his senior year and he blamed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He made it clear he would not play for the Bucs

And most were surprised when Bo chose baseball

And his first home run nearly left Kaufmann Stadium

Bo wanted people to know that baseball was not just a negotiating ploy

And when his agent asked if Bo still wanted to play football, Bo made it clear the situation had to be right

Football was just a hobby to Bo

Bo was definitely a unique individual

His iconic run up the tunnel was simply to avoid injury

Editors apparently didn't notice that this piece of video was flipped

Everybody remembers when Bo ran over Brian Bosworth

The greatest compliment to Jackson was just how much other athletes respected him

Off the field, Bo was a marketing gold mine

And being the greatest video game athlete ever added to the lore

Jeremy Schaap of ESPN noted that fans loved how humble he was

Fortunately for Bo, he missed the steroid era

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