Ex-cons are obsessed with the ‘best chips ever’ that are only available in jail

Potato chips crisps snack food

Prison food is notoriously bad. But there’s one brand of potato chips that some ex-cons actually miss when they get released. 

According to NBC News’ Rebecca Davis and Jake Heller, the chip brand The Whole Shebang is nearly impossible to find outside of jail. Its
 chips are apparently so mind-blowing that after leaving jail, people become obsessed with finding the snack.

“I did 60 days and wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for whole shabangs,” reads one comment on the brand’s Facebook page. “Thank you for saving me and introducing my taste buds to real divine flavour fit for royalty.”

The brand’s parent company Keefe Group sells the chips exclusively to correctional facilities, NBC reports

“Why did i have to go to jail to experience the best chips ever made????” reads
another comment. “Well…. back to jail it is.”

Thankfully, you don’t actually have to go to jail to buy the chips. Though The Whole Shebang chips aren’t sold at traditional retailers, the company now also has a website so shoppers can buy the chips themselves — no incarceration necessary.

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