The best podcasts to help you reach your savings goals this year

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  • Podcasts have become a resource for Australians seeking financial advice.
  • They provide a free service that can help develop basic money skills we weren’t taught in school.
  • We’ve compiled a list of 12 podcasts that will teach you everything from investing your tax return to using Afterpay.
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It’s common for most of us to deviate from our savings goals to buy something we don’t necessarily need, or to pay for something we couldn’t foresee such as a blown tyre.

However, a few of us deviate more often than others and our budgets become nonexistent, instead replaced with the promise that ‘next month the saving will begin’.

It’s a vicious cycle and one that requires help to break. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to get back on your budgeting bandwagon, these podcasts are a great jumping-off point.

Equity Mates

With episodes ranging from Investing In Companies Of The Future to What To Do With Your Tax Return, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that isn’t directly applicable to your current financial situation.

Hosts Bryce and Alec have found a way to answer the most common questions in a clear, concise manner.

Motley Fool Money

The stock market can initially seem overwhelming to those looking to invest their hard-earned savings, so hosts Scott Phillips and Andrew Page work to break down the complexities in 40-minute episodes.

From taking stocks in cannabis to the rise of Lululemon, there’s hours worth of valuable information found in Motley Fool Money that may be useful to you right now, or further down the line.

We Study Billionaires

Regardless of whether you’re trying to save a few hundred dollars, or you’re looking to start an entire empire, there’s a lot to benefit in listening to accomplished billionaires share stories of their own journey to the top.

We Study Billionaires may make your own goals appear inferior but that could very well work in your favour.

Nugget’s Crypto Podcast

Nugget’s Crypto Podcast is an ideal listen if you want to expand your knowledge of cryptocurrency.

While internet-based investing is not something you can easily dive into headfirst, once familiarised, you may be able to leverage cryptocurrency to give your savings something of a boost.

My Millennial Money

Speaking directly to a generation who consistently wonder why they weren’t taught to be financially savvy in high school, My Millenial Money ticks multiple boxes for listeners who feel uninformed.

Despite revolving around finance, the podcast is far from dry. With mentions of Mariah Carey and cashing in on your ‘juicy’ inheritance, you’ll feel as equally entertained as you do enlightened after every episode.

Financial Autonomy

As our pensions continue to slip further away, the topic of rethinking traditional retirement is an appealing one.

Financial Autonomy‘s website immediately poses the question, ‘Are you feeling trapped?’, and for a sizeable sum of people, it’ll be reassuring to know the podcast has answers for that.

The Money

Occasionally, hearing a disheartening statistic can be advantageous. The latest stat to come out of ABC’s economy-focused podcast The Money, presented by Richard Aedy, is that it takes the average university graduate 2.6 years to obtain a job in their field.

How does this relate to saving money, exactly? Well, the recent revelation may just encourage anyone who’s trying to forge a career path to hold onto their current savings slightly tighter until they find a steady income.

The Pineapple Project

The Pineapple Project is the self-appointed “cool aunty” of podcasts – you can tune in to listen to host Jan Fran for “advice at 3am when you’re just feeling a tiny bit lost and don’t want to worry your Mum”.

Not just a financial podcast, The Pineapple Project can assist with a slew of life challenges, like grouping food to save time and money, and finding the willpower to achieve your goals.

The Money Cafe

One specific episode from The Money Cafe hones in on the benefits and drawbacks of Afterpay, which can be a crucial factor in your ability to save.

Each week, presenters James Kirby and Alan Kohler discuss the most pressing news at the forefront of the financial world, and whether you believe the news applies to you or not, you’ll find some truly useful nuggets of wisdom in each episode.

The Michael Yardney Podcast

On one of the most recent episodes of The Michael Yardney Podcast, the host of the same name discusses the state of the property market in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

For those yet to have enough savings to even consider property, a slew of topics are covered in the 200+ segments of the podcast, including an entire episode dedicated to answering your financial queries.

The Property Couch

Don’t underestimate how motivational property podcasts can be. Sure, it might seem out of reach at the moment, but nothing encourages the desire to save more than listening to episode 264 of The Property Couch, How $4,000 Turned Into Six Properties.

While not everyone has the resources or know-how to turn a small sum into a physical property, hosts Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley are more knowledgeable than most, so at the very least it’s worth a listen.

Smart Property Investment Podcast

For further insight into investing, host Phil Tarrant walks listeners through the specific property markets of Australian cities, which is a great indicator of how much you’d need to save based on where you live.

It’s much easier to create a feasible savings goal if you know how much you’d realistically need to have in your account to make lifechanging purchases.

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