The best place in LA to shop GOTH

  • Kreepsville 666 on Melrose sells a bunch of punk/gothic-style accessories and clothes.
  • We meet husband and wife store owners: Michelle & Ash Ghoulmore
  • Caroline tries five outfits and picks her favourite

Following is a transcript of the video.

Caroline: We’re here at Monster A GoGo in Los Angeles. It’s a “scare-wear” shop that has a range of horror, punk, goth clothing and accessories, and today, I’m gonna try on a lot of the stuff they have in stock and pick my favourite outfit.

So let’s go shopping.

This is Ash Ghoulmore, and this is Michelle Ghoulmore.

And together, they own Monster A GoGo.

Michelle: So Monster A GoGo is a flagship store for our brand, Kreepsville 666. Our brand started in Scotland in 2006, and we moved to Los Angeles in 2011, which is where we are here today, and when you actually walk in our store, Monster A GoGo, it’s a pinnacle of our collection. Our clientele is such a broad range of people looking for a complement their horror look by having an eyeball hair bow, or someone such as like a death rocker wanting a whole full-on horror look, and also for people that just love horror and Halloween. Our product line is fashion-based. We sell everything fashion from dresses to bags, hair accessories, jewellery.

Everything has its own unique horror Halloween twist to it, anything from skeleton hand hair slides to coffin-shaped purses to skull purses, spiderweb dresses.

We also do eyeball bags. It’s one of our signature items.

Caroline: This shop has everything you’d ever want to make your horror-fashion dreams come alive.

Ash: I see something that’s kinda a fun, normal, everyday product, and I go, “How can I make it kinda scary and monster-y?”

Michelle: I think for our fashion products that we try and design stuff that’s fun and functional but also styles that look great, and then we just gives them that horror twist that makes our brand so unique and what people love our brand for.

Caroline: Michelle, you’re gonna help me find a few outfits today. I’m gonna let you kinda style me, and then we’ll go from there.

Michelle styled me in five different outfits with a range of spooky and scary accessories.

This is perfect. I love, I love this bag. This is fun.

Michelle: People always stop and ask about our products, and it’s cool because a lot of our customers’ feedback is always like, you know everywhere I go people say, “Where did you get that?” and, “That’s really cool. That’s really unique.” And it’s a fun experience for anyone, not only the people that love horror and Halloween.

Caroline: My favourite outfit and the one look that I’ve picked from Monster A GoGo is … This vampire look! This is my favourite. I love the vampire dress. I loved the hat, the bat hat, and the bat bag. I think it just goes so well together. I love how I look in it. I feel so fun, and just like so edgy too. So it’s a mixture of both. I love that we can mix in, y’know, my love for this vampire-y, bat-themed stuff and also my love for dresses.

OK, I got my final look, and now time to take on the day.


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