This hot photography startup chose 22 of the most breathtaking photos from the last year -- here they are

VSCO is our go-to app for making our Instagram pictures stand out.

It gives you gorgeous filters and editing options that are far superior to Instagram’s native ones. And it even has its own network that is essentially a more artistic and curated version of Instagram.

Promoting beautiful photos is baked into VSCO’s DNA, so it’s no surprise that the company does a lot to help independent creatives. In 2013, VSCO launched its Artist Initiative, a $1 million scholarship fund that supports and showcases artists. This comes in forms like gallery exhibitions and books.

VSCO Artist Initiative recently released a best of 2015
selection of photos — some with titles and others untitled — and they are truly stunning.

You can see the entire collection of breathtaking photos below.

Ruairidh McGlynn/VSCO

i am not a machine

Yumna Al Arashi/VSCO
Prairie Stuart Wolff/VSCO


Amy Lombard/VSCO
Scott Turner/VSCO


Chris and Jonathan Schoonover/VSCO

Barbican Residents

Anton Rodriguez/VSCO


Mustafah Abdulaziz/VSCO
Carson Davis Brown/VSCO

The Thin Line

Colectivo Photo/VSCO
Gemma Green Hope/VSCO
Greg Kahn/VSCO

The Art of Why

Invisible Creature/VSCO


Izzy Rael/VSCO
Benjamin Heath/VSCO
Athen B. Gallery/VSCO
James Robertson/VSCO
Joekenneth Museau/VSCO
Leon Yan/VSCO

In This Skin

Natalie McComas/VSCO

The Unknown

Sean Pecknold/VSCO

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