The 7 best solutions to make sure your phone and laptop never run out of battery again

Running out of battery on your phone or laptop can be a huge hassle, especially when you’re travelling this holiday season.

Luckily there are many innovative people working on solutions to make sure you never feel the panic as your phone dips below 5%.

From the best battery cases to chargers hidden in belts, these are the best ways to make sure all your devices are charged — wherever you happen to be travelling.

The H2Pro case keeps your phone safe from water -- and gives you twice the battery life.


The Mophie H2Pro is a battery case that's also waterproof. This combination makes it great for vacations when you might be away from a charger, and in a place where you could accidentally drop your phone in the water. The case gives an iPhone twice the battery life it would normally get.

Price: $US129.95

Buy it here.

Charge your laptop, phone, and tablet at the same time with the tiny Zolt.


Zolt claims to be the world's smallest (and lightest) laptop charger, and it's also a highly capable one. The charger has an impressive 70 watt output to a laptop and two other devices -- like a smartphone or tablet. It's perfect for getting serious work done when you are on the road.

Price: $US99.00

Buy it here.

NomadKey keeps a handy USB charger on your keychain.


NomadKey makes use of something you always have with you -- your keys. The USB charger looks like a key and goes wherever you do, ensuring that you'll be able to charge your phone even if your host has a different type of phone and charger than you do.

Price: $US24.95

Buy it here.

XOO is a designer belt that also charges your phone.


XOO has built a portable phone charger that hides itself in a belt buckle. But perhaps XOO's best innovation is that the belts actually look good. You can pre-order now, and the belts are supposed to ship by the end of this month.

Price: $US249.00

Buy it here.

Roadtrip is the ultimate car charger.


Nomad's Roadtrip is a slick car charger that not only lets you charge your phone while driving, but also has a built-in portable battery. Just take the charger out of the car if you need a boost from the 3,000mAh battery pack on the go.

Price: $US59.99

Buy it here.

Ghost Qi is a battery case that lets you charge wirelessly.


Incipio's Ghost Qi is a sleek battery case that also lets you charge wirelessly. As soon as you put the case on any Qi wireless charging pad, your phone will begin to charge -- no cables required. You can, of course, also use standard wired solutions. This case can almost double the battery life on your iPhone with its 2100mAh battery.

Price: $US99.00

Buy it here.

SnapPower makes every outlet a USB charger.


Carrying a USB cable in your pocket can be much easier than carrying a whole charger. And the idea behind SnapPower's chargers is to make every power outlet automatically a USB charger. All you have to do is swap out the regular outlet plate for SnapPower's version. Your guests will thank you.

Price: $US20.00

Buy it here.

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