This Wild Bike-Powered Parade Float Carried A Skateboard Half-Pipe

Minneapolis hosted the 39th Annual MayDay Parade on Sunday, attended by tens of thousands of people who come to see the eclectic mix of marching bands, huge puppets, groups walking for progressive causes, and a whole lot of bikes.

We were in the area for the parade, and were especially impressed by this “float,” which Flickr user Nancy Sims identified as the work of local pro-cycling group Bicycle Anarchy

The incredible contraption was powered by about 10 people pedaling, who were pulling a full band performing on a caravan of sorts, along with a grill being used to cook large chunks of meat.

Attached to that was an actual skateboard half-pipe, being used by half a dozen people.

Check out the photos:

minneapolis may day parade crazy bike
minneapolis may day parade crazy bike

Head to Nancy Sims’s Flickr page for a video of Bicycle Anarchy in action.

We also appreciated this smaller parade entry, and the man who hooked up a dog to pull him along the route.

minneapolis may day parade crazy bike

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