The Best Olympic Sports To Watch On TV

track cycling

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We’ve watched at least 60 seconds of every Olympic sport over the last two weeks.And while our rankings of the best Olympic sports to watch on TV are undoubtedly affected by our personal biases, we used a few objective criteria to shape our list:

  • Can you tell what is happening in the game? (Hockey suffers from this)
  • Can you see the athletes faces? (It makes the action more personal)
  • How constant is the excitement? (More often is typically better)
  • Does the sport produce iconic moments? (Is there a brief spell of action that is absolutely arresting?)
  • How variable is the action? (People doing the same thing over and over again gets boring)

So here is our list. Let us know your favourites in the comments:

33. Sailing

32. Equestrian

31. Wrestling

30. Outdoor cycling

29. Triathlon

28. Water Polo

27. Boxing

26. Canoeing/Kayaking

25. Rowing

24. Taekwondo

23. Judo

22. Shooting

21. Field hockey

20. Diving

19. Trampoline

18. Weightlifting

17. Badminton

16. Indoor Volleyball

15. Tennis

14. Soccer

13. synchronised swimming

12. synchronised diving

11. Field events

10. Archery

9. Table Tennis

8. Rhythmic Gymnastics

7. Beach Volleyball

6. Basketball

5. Swimming

4. Track events

3. Gymnastics

2. Handball

1. Track cycling

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