The Sarah Palin Demo Reel

Everyone’s favourite former VP candidate Sarah Palin is getting set to co-host the Today show tomorrow, and she’s going head-to-head against the more seasoned Katie Couric. While Couric has made a living in front of the camera, Palin’s on-air experience is nothing to sneeze at.

She’s a former sports reporter, has delivered nationally televised speeches to millions of Americans, and has made frequent appearances on Fox News as a political commentator. Let’s also not forget that Palin starred in her own reality show on TLC. 

With an impressive resume that’s soon to be bolstered with a co-hosting gig on the Today show, it looks like Sarah Palin is gearing up to be the next big television personality. Any on-air talent trying to make it in the business needs a solid demo reel to show off their broadcasting talents. Palin, for whatever reason, doesn’t have a demo reel — at least, none that’s released to the public.

So, we took it upon ourselves to make the politician and aspiring broadcaster a demo reel featuring her greatest on-air moments.

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