GovSec Expo Is Like One Big Homeland Security Playground

GovSec drone

Photo: Jana Kasperkevic/Business Insider

Tuesday morning, government security experts flocked to the Washington Convention centre for the Government Security Conference and Expo. While they were many interesting speakers featured at the conference, the most exciting part was the expo. Companies from the security industry all over the nation attend the expo in hopes of introducing their systems, tools and technologies to prospective clients. 

As for the attendees of the conference, browsing the expo and trying out the various gadgets is really like going to a toy store and getting to play with all the awesome expensive toys that your parents will never buy.

Like most expo goers, I also got swept up in excitement and snapped photos of the most interesting gadgets with my phone. Consequently, some images came out a little blurry and are featured here in a smaller format than others. 

The conference and the expo were taking place at the Washington Convention centre

Welcome to GovSec

As soon as you enter the expo floor, you were greeted with a display of an OSHKOSH vehicle

Here is the truck from the back

Expo goers were drawn to displayed cars and sirens like moth to a flame

Expo goers could enter to win this Dell cop car (What would you do with it?)

I tried to sneak a peek into this surveillance van, which was packed with monitors, but it was constantly full of curious expo goers

Apparently, it's not all about cars. Expo goers loved riding these tricycles.

But we all secretly wanted this little plane on display by NLECTC

NLECTC also let us check out this drone

We didn't see many weapons on display, but there were plenty of cases

These cases were on display by Willard Packaging

Griffin Technology showed off its armoured collection of iPad, iPhone, and iPod protection cases

This handheld worked under water

There was also tons of protective gear for people, not just gadgets

Avon-ISI Protection showed off its respiratory masks

While Tex Shield displayed various garments to protect the whole body

GSS Gear showed off various backpacks where you can stash all the cool gadgets

And you don't want to leave the home without North America Rescue's trauma kits

RAPC Systems demonstrated one of its computers designed for homeland security

While CEIA offered demonstrations of its metal detector

This Special Operations Police Bunker is also know as SOB

At some point, many expo goers made their way to the bar

but as there were still many toys to check out, barely any lingered in the lounge

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