The Most Amazing Cars From This Year's Detroit Auto Show

Detroit Auto Show

Photo: Jalopnik

Awesome three-door Korean hot hatches, neon-green electric supercars and a sexy hybrid with turbo boost. Fanciful future concepts?Nope.

They’re reality at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Here’s everything important you missed.

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This article originally appeared at Jalopnik. Send an email to Matt Hardigree, the author of this post, at [email protected].

The Hottest Hybrid Ever

And It Has Turbo Boost

The Year Americans Come Back

The Fast Little BMW

The Actor Ed Begley, Jr. Slams The Leaf And Volt

The Small MPV That Seats Seven

The Honda CRX That Hyundai Built

The Bigger, Cheaper New Passat

How VW Made The Passat Cheaper

The Big Prius And The Little Prius

The Subtle Audi A6 And A6 Hybrid

The Forgettable Honda Civic Concept

The Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car

The Mini Crossover We Might Like

The Tennis-ball Green AMG E-Cell

The Chrysler 300 Worthy Of Renting

The Jeep Behind The Woman

The Recreation Of One Of Our Best Moments

The Designer's View Of The Show

The Booth Professionals Of Detroit

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