The Best Of Bethany Mota: The Teen Style Superstar's Greatest Hits

Bethany Mota is your average 18-year-old, at least in some key respects.

A recent high school graduate, she lives at home with her parents . She is more or less obsessed with fashion, beauty, friends, and One Direction. And she is totally addicted to social media.

The difference of course is that social media is also addicted to her. The effervescent YouTuber is an internet phenomenon — and increasingly, a cottage industry — with 4.8 million subscribers to her main YouTube channel and a fashion line with Aéropostale.

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Mota is beautiful, relatable, and bubbly. She’s also industrious. She’s made hundreds of videos and is putting up more all the time. Here, the very, very, very best of all time.

“Draw My Life | Bethany Mota”: Mota narrates the story of her life — from the 1995 caesarean that brought her into the world to her recent trip to China — with dry erase markers and a good ol’ fashioned whiteboard.

Vlog: My Hong Kong Trip!“: Mota’s global popularity is plain to see as she travels to China, where she tried some “awesome, cool” food, “found panda stuff,” and of course, shopped til’ she dropped.

“Huge Holiday Giveaway!!!”: This girl really knows how to get followers. In her Christmas 2013 giveaway video, she asked fans to subscribe to her various social media accounts, all in the hopes of winning big ticket items like an Alexander Wang ($875) bag and MacBook Pro ($1,199). A Merry Christmas, indeed…

DIY Room Decorations using water bottle & soda cans“: And for her next trick, Bethany will turn empty Arizona Iced Tea contaners into decorative cameras and flower vases.

Confidence“: Mota’s videos tend to stay lighthearted and upbeat, but she took it down a notch for this video about self-esteem. We defy you not to feel a little better after watching this…

DIY Despicable Me Minion Costume + Makeup!“: In her Spookbook series, Bethany shows viewers how to make their own Halloween costumes, from Wonder Woman to Nicki Minaj. After watching this adorable video, we wouldn’t mind if Bethany dressed as a minion all the time.

Guys thoughts on perfume! Feat. Eddie + Holden“: If you were wondering what teenage boys think about various scents, it goes a little something like this: “not bad,” “alright,” and “it’s sugary… like candy.” Classic.

Have your own favourites? Let us know in the comments.

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