The Best New Gadget You'll Never Hear Of

Jupiter analysts Michael Gartenberg and David Card go Abbott and Costello over a new portable media player called the Ibiza. Michael likes it, David doesn’t, Michael explains why David’s wrong, David replies, etc.

Question: Did you know that there was a new media player out there called the Ibiza? We didn’t, and we write about this stuff every day. From whence did this stealth device emerge?

Hint: Don’t bother Googling the gadget’s name, unless you want to read about Spanish nightclubs. Turns out Ibiza is made by Chinese appliance maker Haier, and it’s been designed specifically to work with RealNetworks’ (RNWK) Rhapsody service. So it’s not only a stealth product, but one tethered to a niche service. Need we point out that this is not going to knock off Apple’s (AAPL) iPod line anytime soon?

Most of the reviews of the Haier, by the way, are respectful — the big step forward here is that the device provides a wireless sync to Rhapsody’s subscription service, which should theoretically give users unlimited music access. But unless this thing gets out of the gadget press ghetto, those users are going to remain pretty theoretical.

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