Here Are The 11 Best Mac Apps You Can Download Right Now

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The Mac App Store is still going strong. Games and utilities are readily available for free or cheap, meaning developers and consumers alike are happy.Now, Apple is giving students a $100 gift card to spend on apps, music, and accessoriees when they buy a shiny new mac for school.

Whether you’re a gamer or a total PC warrior, there’s an app for you.

We took a look at what’s popular as well as what we like and assembled a list of apps you might want to pick up for the school year.

Clippy is great for writers

Clippy is a handy utility that stores more of your recent text copies than you'll know what to do with. Copy text all you like and know that you'll never lose it.

Price: $0.99

Twitter for the tweet-addicted

It's a very user-friendly desktop client to follow all your friends and tweet about whatever you're up to.

Price: free

Evernote helps you remember everything

The awesome desktop version of the well-known note-taking/scrapbook software. It's won plenty of awards, so our recommendation would be redundant.

Price: free

RapidWeaver builds websites in a flash

Think of RapidWeaver as a scaled-down (but still powerful) version of Dreamweaver. Use it to create killer websites for friends or customers alike.

Price: $59.99

Chopper 2 for explosions and helicopters

This game is awesome. Rescue hostages, escape riflemen, and blow up tanks using your bombs and machine guns. You will certainly enjoy this action-packed flight simulator.

Price: $4.99

Sparrow is an elegant, pared-down take on email

This app made waves because it's simple but feature-packed all at once. Our own favourite feature is that it pulls everyone's Facebook photos and displays it as an avatar with his or her email.

Price: $9.99

Swackett is a weather app with a soul

You don't care about barometric pressure or visibility. Sometimes you only need to know how to dress. That's why there's Swackett. This quirky but functional app tells you the temperature and weather you'll need a sweater, jacket, or coat.

Price: free

Fun Booth will replace Apple's Photo Booth

Sure, it'll take your picture. But the effects and other add-ons make this app a fun way to customise pictures of whatever you can fit in front of your Mac's iSight camera.

Price: $0.99

Remote Mouse is a new type of wireless keyboard

Forget your bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Use this app in conjunction with your iPhone to completely control your computer for giving presentations, starting and stopping movies, or anything else you can think of.

Price: free

The Incident will get you hooked on gaming again

If you're an old-school gamer who enjoys simple premises and minimal gameplay, this is the game for you. Random objects will fall out of the sky, and it's up to you to avoid them. Sound like fun? It is.

Price: $0.99

Moso will save you a bundle on video editing software

With free and paid options available, Moso is everything you need in a video editing suite and nothing you don't. The killer feature is the integrated ability to share finished videos over Twitter and Facebook.

Price: free or $14.99

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