10 Great Mac App Store Apps

Aperture Mac AppApple offers a huge discount on Aperture.

Photo: Apple

The Mac App Store launched last week with more than 1,000 apps in its library.We’ve been playing with them and reading what people had to say since then, and we picked out our favourites so far.

While there are several great third-party offerings, Apple has stood out by releasing apps like Aperture and Remote Desktop at crazy discounts.

Evernote will change the way you stay organised

Evernote lets you sync text, audio, and photo notes across your desktop, smartphone, tablet, and the web. It's one of the most popular and useful apps on every platform.

Price: Free

Osmos is one of the most addicting games available

Osmos for Mac is a port of the popular game for iPhone and iPad. Apple picked Osmos as one of its staff favourites and for good reason: It provides hours of unique, quirky gameplay. We have it on our iPad and can't put it down.

Price: $2.99 for a limited time. The normal price will be $9.99.

Angry Birds looks amazing on the desktop

Angry Birds for Mac is the same insanely popular game for iPhone, iPad, and Android, but with a higher resolution for large computer screens. This time, you use your mouse or track pad to launch birds at all those naughty pigs.

Price: $4.99 for a limited time. Normally $9.99.

iWork: Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are great values

Apple released it's iWork suite of apps on the Mac App Store at a decent discount. iWork normally retails for $79, so you'll save about $20 by buying all three apps from the App Store.

Price: 19.99 each

The new Twitter App is pretty and simple

Twitter released a new app for the Mac App Store that's sleek and easy to use. It's an update to the popular Tweetie application. For serious Twitter users, don't expect to get all the features you're used to in TweetDeck. This is a simple app meant for reading and posting tweets. Nothing flashy.

Price: Free

Alfred is a hub for your favourite preferences

Alfred lets you customise commands for pretty much everything on your Mac: launching your favourite apps, emptying the trash, or shutting down the computer. There's no need to dig through your system preferences to make changes. Alfred does it all for you and makes it easy.

Price: Free

Aperture is another bargain from Apple

Aperture is Apple's signature photo editing software, and now it's available at a nice discount in the Mac App Store. Aperture lets you touch up, enhance, and share your photos. Aperture normally retails for $199, so it's going to be tough for photographers to pass up this deal.

Price: $79.99

Use your iPhone as a remote with Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse lets you use your iPhone as a mouse and keyboard for your Mac. You can download the iPhone app here. It's an excellent, affordable choice if you use your Mac to watch movies.

Price: Free for the Mac App. The iPhone app costs $1.99.

Access your mac from anywhere with Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop lets you control multiple Macs on your home network. You can share files, install applications, and schedule maintenance across all your computers. And it comes at a bargain compared to the normal retail price of $299. Not bad.

Price: $79.99

iRingtone lets you edit

iRingtones has already catapulted itself to the number four slot in paid apps in the App Store. The customer reviews are stellar. The app lets you edit your music into an iPhone ring tone and add effects like fades and intros. Your ring tones also sync directly with iTunes, so you can easily upload to your phone.

Price: $2.99

Still getting familiar with the Mac App Store?

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