See The True Motion Of Sports In These Stunning Long-Exposure Photos

Stephen Orlando is a photographer from Ontario, Canada, who captured the motion of outdoor sports in a unique way.

Using a combination of long-exposure photography and LED lights, Orlando was able to show the tiniest details like the pivot of a kayak paddle’s stroke and the sweeping motion of a tennis serve.

“The light trails have not been artificially created in post production and the photos are not composite images,” Orlando tells Business Insider. “The photos are achieved with careful timing, proper lighting, and the patient help of good friends.”

One thing’s for certain: You’ve never seen sports look quite like this before.

This long-exposure of a kayak shows the unique pattern the double-bladed paddle makes as it cuts through the water.

You'll notice a canoe's light pattern is quite different due to the single paddle.

Here's how the motion of a soccer player running looks as he chases down a ball...

...and the motion of his leg as he prepares to kick the ball.

Here's a long-exposure photo of whitewater kayaking, where control is everything.

Paddling skills are put to the test in the frigid waters.

In this long-exposure photo of a karate routine, you can notice the sweeping motion that leads up to the punch.

In this photo of a karate kick, you can also see the LEDs attached that track the body's motion.

A tennis player hits the ball using his forehand.

Here's the windup and serve.

The motion of bike polo, which is played using a bike, ball, and mallet, features giant, sweeping strokes.

Here's what the motion of a swimmer's backstroke looks like.

When performing a forward crawl stroke, the swimmer's arms are kept closer to the water.

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