The 6 Best Socks To Wear With Loafers

Have you been Feet Free-Balling this whole summer? The loafer sock or some call it “no show” socks are extremely popular with us guys, women not so much.

This should be an essential in every man’s closet.

These are the times when little details count. Loafer socks are discreet and will NOT show your sock, which is the point.

Just like socks that cover the ankle and above, these socks have personality too, with polka dot, plaid, and different graphic options. FYI you can slip these on with sneakers or shoes.

Take a look at some loafer cool loafer socks:

Hugo Boss

Sperry Topsider


Sperry Topsider

Hook and Albert

Hook albert

Hook and Albert

J. Crew



Loafer socks helps to your keep smelling fresh and most repel against moisture. Also without socks you can severely wreck your shoes and wear the soles in, eventually.
3 Reasons Why You Should Own

Avoid odor

To keep from slipping

Avoid ruining your shoes

But….If you have to go “sockless” no judging over here, but at least grab this.

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