Wisconsin Legal Loophole Lets 3-Year-Olds Drink In Bars

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If you want to learn how to keep your car from getting repossessed or whether you can serve your kids alcohol, just ask Reddit.During one of the site’s popular “Ask Me Anything” sessions, lawyers revealed all of the legal loopholes you need to know.

By far, the Wisconsin drinking loophole takes the cake:

  • “You can legally drink with your parents anywhere alcohol is permitted regardless of age. My friend’s 3 year old is a nasty whiskey drunk.
  • To clarify: “A parent (guardian) can serve their child alcohol. This can be at a bar, home, tailgating, etc… If at a bar, the parent must order the drink and be served the drink and, then, the parent can give the drink to the child. This all sounds well and good, but it gets messy when said child turns 18. At that point the parent is no longer the legal guardian, and cannot, legally, serve their child alcohol.

Here are some of the other best loopholes Reddit taught us:

  • “If you have knowledge that the loan company is coming to repossess your car, parking it on the neighbour’s property will most likely not allow us to proceed. Contracts don’t allow us to repossess from different addresses on the warrant, cars parked at the neighbours, we can’t touch it.” (This came from a repossession agent, not a lawyer.)
  • “Remember the tax credit for electric vehicles? It was (is?) based on number of hours a battery held its charge. This led to golf carts getting about the same tax rebate as a full fledged car. All you needed to do was make it street legal with turn signals, mirrors, and seat belts. A new standard cart like that was basically free.”
  • “What I’ve found interesting as a law student is how little liability waivers actually do. Basically, you can always sue someone, liability waiver or not. If it’s their fault, it’s their fault. (it gets a little more complicated, scope of consent, etc., but yeah, a lot looser than you’d think).”

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