An Inside Look At America’s Best Law Schools


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In an oversaturated market where countless lawyers are unemployed or underemployed, choosing the right law school makes all the difference.

The right school puts you on track to a competitive corporate or public sector job. The wrong school may be a waste of three years and $250,000.

So what law schools are really worth it?

Over the past month, we conducted a survey to find out the true ranking of the top 50 law schools in America. We asked real professionals, 60 per cent of whom had JDs and 69  per cent of whom had hiring experience, to evaluate the top law schools in the country.

We also asked respondents if law school is even worth attending if you don’t get into a top-tier school. A full 40 per cent responded that law school is NOT worth attending if you don’t get into a top-tier school.

So without further ado …

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