The Best Las Vegas Nightlife And Clubs: Here’s Where To Go

My company recently launched an awesome Vegas-only party & nightlife photo site,, so thought we’d be servicey here and provide an honest local’s breakdown of the hottest nightlife spots and clubs in Las Vegas. There’s something for everyone in this town, aside from epic profits for the casinos (Wynn Resorts reported massive quarterly results earlier this week, remember? I’m sure Caesars Entertainment/Harrahs is raking it in as well, although they are privately held.)

Best overall night club: Marquee at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Everything at Marquee is epic, from the view outside, to the cigars in the men’s bathroom, to the famous DJs who roll through (arguably the most important part). The last DJ I saw there was Kaskade, and he was great. There is really nothing negative to say about this place. If you’re only in Las Vegas for one weekend, go to Marquee on Saturday night. If you pull down a banker’s salary, by the way, you’d better get a table. A lot more fun than being with the riff-raff and getting your view of the DJ box blocked by eight-foot tall models. 

Also awesome: XS at Encore Casino. This one is massive and looks like the kind of place that the Persian god-king Xerxes in 300 would hang out on the weekend… Also, there’s a great pool, five outdoor blackjack tables and one craps table, multiple bars, and at least 2 to 4 scantily clad go-go dancers on gyration duty. The line on a Saturday night can be absolutely ridiculous, so you’d be smart to buddy up with a promoter or line girl earlier in the day and get your group on the list.

Best “gentlemen’s club”: Spearmint Rhino. The best strip club in Vegas, although fans of Sapphire and Treasures might disagree. The girls at Spearmint Rhino have something of a reputation among locals as being “rude” and “smug,” but hey, if you got paid $3,000 to $10,000 per night for sitting on a guy’s lap, you’d probably be a little smug also. And for what it’s worth, both times I was there everyone was super nice. Every dancer there is extremely, absurdly attractive.

Best Oyster Bar: The oyster bar in Harrahs casino (ground floor) on the Strip is a great value, and the oysters are huge, fresh, and delicious. PJ Clarkes in the Caesars Palace Forum Shops also has some great oysters — wide variety of West and East coast to choose from.

Best Dive Bar: Double Down Saloon on Paradise Road is the real thing. It’s a biker’s bar where you’d better watch your mouth if you want to live through the night (talk trash at any of the posh hotel bars on the Strip and you’ll be fine, but here, respect is key to survival). They’re cash only and open 24 hours a day. Really cool graffiti of death metal skeleton creatures on the walls, as well. 

Best Overpriced Restaurant To Impress A Date: The FIX inside the Bellagio is fittingly named. Although all of the seafood there is awesome — as are the drinks — you will find yourself wondering if someone didn’t accidentally double all the prices before printing out the menus. Cool ambience and close proximity to the Bellagio’s craps tables makes up for the high prices, somewhat, in my opinion.

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