12 Reasons Why Democrats Should Be Terrified Of Joe Biden Taking centre Stage Tonight


All eyes will be on Joe Biden as he takes centre stage with Paul Ryan in tonight’s highly anticipated Vice Presidential debate.With the pressure on Biden to swing the momentum back to his party’s ticket, there’s a chance the gaffe-prone VP will commit some sort of blunder on stage tonight.

Given his charisma and loose cannon-style of talk, Biden will certainly have the audience’s attention.

From telling Obama “this is a big f***ing deal” on live TV to wondering out loud how his parents had sex in a house with thin walls, Biden┬áhas made America laugh and groan with his patented “Biden blunders.”

Back in 2004, Biden poked fun at George W. Bush's ability to read. He also admitted to making up a story about his family on the campaign trail.

Biden says 'jobs' is a three-letter word.

Biden wonders how his parents had sex in a house with thin walls.

Biden attempts to do an Indian accent, but stops midway through when he realises it's a bad idea.

In 2008, Biden showed off his arm by dunking Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a water tank. He proceeded to kiss the actress after the dunk.

And of course, here's Joe Biden getting intimate with a lady biker on his lap.

Then again, Joe Biden can do things like this and everything's cool.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden's VP opponent has made the news for other reasons...

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