WATCH: The 10 Best 'Bro Biden' Moments


Pictures of Vice President Joe Biden cozying up to a lady biker recently took the Internet by storm.Given his charisma and loose cannon-style of talk, this isn’t the first time Joe Biden has been at the centre of an Internet firestorm.

From telling Obama “this is a big f***ing deal” on live TV to wondering out loud how his parents had sex in a house with thin walls, Joe Biden has made America laugh and groan at his bro-tastic antics.

Back in 2004, Joe Biden poked fun at George W. Bush's ability to read. He also kept it real by admitting to a lie he told on the campaign trail.

Joe Biden puts on his aviators and fist bumps movie star Kal Penn.

Joe Biden wonders how his parents had sex in a house with thin walls.

In 2008, Biden showed off his arm by dunking Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a water tank. He proceeded to kiss the actress after the dunk.

And of course, here's Joe Biden getting intimate with a lady biker on his lap.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden's VP opponent has made the news for other reasons...

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