The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week


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This week we have a collection of utilities and games that will help you save time and then pass it effortlessly.Use Dark Sky and you’ll never be caught in the rain again.

And now you can take advantage of the new social features that have been built into Draw Something.

Shazam got an update

The popular music identification app has made its way to the iPad. Hear a song you don't recognise? Hold your iPad up to it and watch Shazam identify it for you.

Price: free

Plants v. Zombies got a huge update

This iOS classic got an update that added in-game achievements, mini-games, and an endless 'vasebreaker' mode.

Price: $6.99 for iPad, $2.99 for iPhone

Draw Something gets way more social

Now you can communicate with the people you're playing with, comment on drawings, and even save drawings that you're especially proud of.

Price: free

For those times you find an interesting article online you'd like to read later, you probably used Read It Later. The service has since changed its name and given the app a facelift as 'Pocket.'

Price: free

Total War Battles is a strategic fighting game

Travel back in time to medieval Japan to do battle against your enemies in this unique hexagonal strategy game. The twist is that your pieces can never move backwards!

Price: $6.99

Hambo is a silly game about a pig

Can you use Hambo the pig to save his friend Bacon from the evil enemy? Upgrade your weapons and unlock cool characters as you advance through the game.

Price: $0.99

Dark Sky is your new favourite app

Have you ever needed to know when it was going to rain? How about down to the minute? Using your GPS location data and super-accurate weather information, Dark Sky will tell you just how much time you have before it starts to rain.

Price: $5.99

There's no shame in materialism -- try Svpply

Svpply brings you a hand-selected collection of interesting products for you to window shop. Think of it as a curated Pinterest for culture hounds.

Price: free

Do you like blowing stuff up?

Burnout Crash is a game in which your entire goal is to cause as much damage as possible with a car accident. After things finally come to a rest, do some more damage by setting off the bomb in your car!

Price: $4.99

Snapseed will make you forget all about Instagram

Offering a slew of cool filters and image enhancements, Snapseed is the photography app you've been waiting for.

Price: $4.99

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