The Best iPad Games You've Never Played

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Photo: Matt Rosoff

We all know about top iPad games like Angry Birds and Infinity Blade, but the App Store is full of games that have fallen through the cracks.We took a look at the best games for the iPad you’ve probably looked over.

Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD

This cool action game gives you control of everyone's favourite wall-crawling super hero. Swing around, fight off bad guys, and show off your cool spidey moves.

Price: $6.99


Battleheart is your classic turn-based RPG tweaked for the iPad's touch controls.

Price: $2.99


Gears is an addictive game where you guide your ball through obstacles. Simple, fun, and impossible to put down.

Price: $0.99

Army Of Darkness defence HD

Based on the classic horror comedy film, Army of Darkness is a tower defence game where you must fend off hordes of evil monsters.

Price: $2.99 (for a limited time)

TapDefense HD

This is an iPad update to one of the original tower defence games on iPhone. Guard your castle from hoardes of hellish demons by building defence towers that shoot arrows and bombs.

Price: Free


Overkill is exactly what it sounds like. It's a first person shooter where you face dozens of enemies. Shoot or die.

Price: Free

iQuarterback 2

This funky game lets you practice your throwing skills by hitting a number of targets. You can unlock a bunch of costumes and balls too.

Price: Free

Siege Hero HD

If this isn't an Angry Birds knockoff, we don't know what is. Your goal is to fire at these little soldiers hiding in a fortress. Still, it should be a lot of fun.

Price: $2.99

Carnival Tycoon

Carnival Tycoon lets you create your own ultimate outdoor carnival. If you're a fan of Sim City or any of the other 'Tycoon' games, check this out.

Price: $2.99

Puzzle Quest 2

This addictive puzzle/adventure game is a must-have for any iPad owner. Make your way through a fantasy world and solve a series of challening puzzles to earn powerups and extras.

Price: $6.99

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