The Best GIFs From The Super Bowl

It was the last football game of the season and despite looking like a blowout early on, the Ravens won in a thriller.

From Jim Harbaugh headbutting his children, to Beyonce’s halftime show, and the craziness of the blackout, there were plenty of funny and telling moments.

On the next few pages we will take a look at our favourite clips and images from Super Bowl 47.

Hours before the game, fans crowded outside the Superdome waiting for the doors to open

And a more reserved Ray Lewis made his entrance with headphones on

But when the pads were on, a more familiar Ray Lewis emerged

Ray Lewis could learn a thing or two about making an entrance from the competitors in the Puppy Bowl

Clay Matthews looked out of place in a suit and with his hair in a bun

CBS gave us a good look at all of Colin Karpernick's tattoos

The winner of the pre-game show was the gentleman performing the songs in sign language

New Hall of Fame inductee Larry Allen flashed a hand sign with a mouth full of chewing tobacco

CBS unveiled some new graphics for the Super Bowl. Here is how the scorebug looked two weeks ago in the AFC championship game compared to the Super Bowl

Because you guys loved this commercial so much, let's take another look at Bar Rafaeli and her 'friend'

Hard to tell these guys are brothers

Here is how the Superdome looked outside

Cary Williams probably should have been ejected for shoving a ref

Frank Gore was fined $10,500 for having his socks too low in the NFC title game. Will he be fined $5,250 for having one sock down during the Super Bowl?

The Ravens endzone was painted black during media day, but changed to purple during the game. Also, have teams used sideline logos before?

Extras storm the field at halftime

And based on fans' reactions, Beyonce won the Super Bowl, not the Ravens

But then the lights went out, which Mercedes must have loved


After tearing down the halftime set (top picture, upper-right corner), CBS was quick to have the set rebuilt during the blackout (bottom picture)

Colin Kaepernick was excited after scoring a touchdown. Note the hand is being prepared for Kaepernicking

And then there was Kaepernicking

This guy probably spent thousands on his ticket and appears to be wearing a Ravens Snuggie

Was this holding? A lot of people thought so.

John Harbaugh told his brother he loved him after the game

The unheralded star of Super Bowl Sunday was Rich Eisen who worked 10 hours of pre-game shows on the NFL Network and was still on set after the game

Joe Flacco's ear looked horrible after the game

And here is the lasting image of Ray Lewis

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