The Best Images And GIFs From Baseball's All-Star Game

As frustrating as Major League Baseball’s All-Star game can be, it is still the best All-Star game going and last night was no exception.

From the mix-up during introductions to Prince Fielder’s reaction to hitting a triple, there were plenty of entertaining and memorable moments brought to us by the Mets, the city of New York, and Fox Sports.

On the next few pages we will take a look at our favourite images and GIFs.

Erin Andrews made her Fox debut during last year's All-Star game and she was back this year

Well, this was a disturbing image during the pregame show

Andrew McCutchen and Cliff Lee took much different approaches to hearing their names during introductions

Bryce Harper's hair appeared to be even higher than it was during the Home Run Derby


Some players went with colourful shoes

I wonder if Mets fans will recognise Matt Harvey now?

A scary view of Steve Delabar's surgically repaired elbow and the tattoo he got to cover the scar

The pitchers looked like they were waiting for the teacher to arrive

The apple cut into the outfield grass was a nice touch

Marc Anthony sang God Bless America

Neil Diamond seems to be at all of the big baseball games these days

Mo Rivera takes the mound at the All-Star game for one last time

The reception for Rivera was amazing

Both teams gave Rivera a standing ovation

And as he walked off the field Rivera acknowledged the crowd

Rivera was presented with a bat and a car for being named the All-Star game MVP

And a really big hug from Bud Selig

Fox then ended the night with a nice moment as Tim McCarver found out that his scorecard is going to the Hall of Fame

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